Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade Month

Do you think before you buy? Research the product, the brand, the factory and the material? Do you know if the person who made your item was paid fairly? If you don’t already look into these things, October, Fair Trade Month, is the time to start. October is the time to spread the word about ethically and sustainably made products. Support Fair Trade companies and artisans this month and all months.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a solution of the problems farmers and workers face against quick and fast product demand. To Terra Thread, Fair Trade makes a difference in the lives of all who manufacture the products that our customers love. To be Fair Trade Certified, a product must meet certain standards set by the labelling body, in Terra Thread’s case, that labelling body is Fair Trade USA. Standards include that workers receive a Fair Trade minimum wage, that safe working conditions are provided, and premiums are given to producers to use for community development projects. 

What products can I find Fair Trade Certified?

You can find a wide variety of Fair Trade products including fruit, vegetables, sugar, cocoa, tea, coffee, apparel and home décor. You can find many Fair Trade food items at major grocery stores including Whole Foods and Kroger. West Elm is currently the leader in Fair Trade home décor items. Fair Trade clothing is becoming quite popular, and you can find many major retailers, including Target, who carry select Fair Trade items. All of Terra Thread’s items are Fair Trade Certified!

What can I do to support Fair Trade Month?

Look for a Fair Trade label when shopping at the grocery store, at the mall or online. Look for Fair Trade coffee the next time you stop in a coffee shop. Even Starbucks has a Fair Trade blend! Educate yourself and others about the importance of Fair Trade. Read up about it online and spread the word to your family and friends. The more knowledge, the more power you have to positively impact the lives of others! 

Terra Thread Fair Trade Month Sale!

In honor of Fair Trade Month, we’re having a pouch sale! All pouches will be on sale through the end of October. 1 for $9, 3 for $25 and 5 for $35 all month long! Shop now while supplies last!

Shop pouches here: https://terrathread.com/collections/pouches-makeup-pouches

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