Sustainable Valentine’s Day

Terra Thread’s Guide to a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

It is expected that Americans will spend about $27.4 billion this Valentine’s day, an average of $196.31 each. That’s 7 billion more than last year’s $20.7 billion spent, an average of $161.96 each. We know that Valentine’s day is a consumer-driven holiday, with shelves filling up with irresistible goodies at the store. You yourself may be planning to get chocolates, cards, toys, flowers, or jewelry for your partner, spouse, kids, co-workers, or even pets. If you are choosing to give gifts this year, skip the traditional ones and choose more environmentally conscious presents instead.

Here are 5 sustainable gift ideas for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Fair Trade & Organic Chocolates

If you are all about traditional gifts for Valentine’s, then you are no stranger to the aisles of chocolates, candies and other goodies that appear in grocery stores every year. Instead of buying the usual, look for Fair Trade and Organic certifications on these items instead. Purchasing Fair Trade and Organic is not only better for your health, but the health of workers, famers and the Earth too. We love Tony’s Chocolonely, Certified Fairtrade chocolate! Fair Trade and Organic options can be found online and even in stores at places like Target. Find a list of Fairtrade America Certified Chocolate here and Fair Trade USA Certified Chocolate here.

 Bars of Tony's Fair Trade Chocolate Photo via socialimpactfactory

  1. An Experience

Experiences are much more memorable than gifts – especially if the gifts are edible or won’t last long. No matter your budget, big or small, an experience is something you won’t forget. Take your loved ones on a walk or a picnic in the park. Go see a movie, a theatre performance or a concert. Support local musicians or artists when possible!

  1. Fair Trade Flowers

If your loved ones can’t resist a beautiful bouquet (we can’t either), make sure it’s Fair Trade Certified or locally grown. You can find Fair Trade Certified flowers at many florists and grocery stores, including Whole Foods. If you want to avoid plastic or can’t find Fair Trade flowers near you, check out your local farmer’s markets to build your own sustainable bouquet.

 Buckets of pink flowers at the Farmer's MarketPhoto via Unsplash by Allie Smith

  1. Sustainable Jewelry

If you are one of the millions who will give their partner a ring, necklace or other jewelry item this Valentine’s day, make sure it’s as eco-friendly as possible. Ana Luisa is an affordable jewelry brand that makes everything using 100% recycled gold. Catbird NYC stands at a higher price point but specializes in beautiful engagement rings and other jewelry pieces made from recycled gold and responsibly sourced stones. Check out other sustainable jewelry brands here.

 A woman wearing Catbird NYC Necklaces Image via Catbird NYC

  1. Terra Thread Pouches

If you are purchasing any of the gifts above, or want something a little less traditional, give the gift of a Terra Thread pouch! Terra Thread pouches are perfect to package small gifts like jewelry or chocolate bars. We have tons of colorways to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find a gift even for the hardest person to shop for. All pouches are on sale now, only $7.50 each! Shop soon to secure delivery by Valentine’s Day.

Three pouches being held in front of trees and bushes.

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