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SPOTLIGHT: Terra Thread

Terra Thread is a company that makes awesome bags that are both Fair Trade AND use organic cotton. We love the earthy, neutral toned color scheme and the simplistic design of all their bags. Not only are their bags hella cute, but also hella ethical! They take pride in creating products that don’t hurt the earth or the people on it. Not only do they say that they’re organic and Fair Trade, they’re certified! They have GOTS certified dyes and their products are produced in a Fair Trade Certified Factory. Talk about dreamy! After seeing how far they’ve gone to ensure sustainability and Fair Trade, how could we not give Terra Thread a #MoralWomenStampOfApproval! 


Terra Thread has been a staple in Kristen’s everyday outfits as she travels and studies in China. This backpack houses everything from school books, to umbrella, to water bottle, and everything else in between. This backpack has truly been through a lot as I’ve stuffed everything I need into it for a weekend of sightseeing. That being said, the condition of the backpack is still perfect. I haven’t experienced any rips or tears or any signs of wear. 


One of the main selling points of the backpack is the price. Shopping ethically can be taxing on your wallet, but this backpack is fairly priced at $51.99 (USD). There are some companies, like Jansport, that will charge $40-$80 for backpacks that aren’t organic or Fair Trade. There are barely  any differences in the appearance of a popular backpack brand and a Terra Thread backpack (except that Terra Thread is more stylish in our opinion  


Moral Women Tips: the tightening strings on the sleeves of the backpack can get super long, so we suggest you loop them into the adjustable metal clasp!


The middle picture was taken by the amazing Elena Kim. If you want to see more of her work check out her out via. flickr