Organic Cotton


The Problem

The toxic chemicals that are being used to grow conventional cotton are not only harmful to our planet and environment, but also to the people that are being exposed to them.

The cotton farmers and surrounding communities that are being exposed to these fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are put at an extremely high risk for birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weak immune systems. These toxic chemicals can even seep into the ground and affect the water supply. 

What can we do? 

Buy and promote products that are made with organic cotton and are eco-friendly! When you choose to buy products made with organic cotton, you choose:

  • To promote a healthier planet and environment
  • To support local communities and keep farmers safe from hazardous chemicals 
  • To provide the factory workers with raw materials that are not laden with chemicals
  • To give cotton farmers safer working conditions 
  • To use soil that is not degraded
  • To use cleaner products which are softer on your skin
  • To use fewer fossil fuels which combat global climate change
  • Not to contaminate groundwater by any means
  • Not to use pesticides which destroy the livelihoods and habitats of wildlife 
  • Not to use genetically modified crops
Organic is better! Organic is better for the farmers, factory workers, and the consumers!

    We proudly use only 100% Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified organic cotton to create the Terra Thread Earth Motivated Collection™. Consumers can rest easy knowing that our cotton was produced in a healthy and safe work environment. Feel free to read more about GOTS on their website.