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  • Mini Backpacks

Mini Backpacks


Our diverse collection of backpacks and accessories are made at a Fair Trade Certified Factory using family grown Organic Cotton. 

We color our fabric using GOTS certified dyes. All of our products are made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory with Fairtrade Organic Cotton. We guarantee fair wages, good working conditions, no child or forced labor, and a democratic workplace for our bag makers.

We put the health of the Earth and the well-being of our workers first.

Our cotton is sourced from Family Farms in India

Fairtrade Standards protect farmers’ health and safety. On top of the price of cotton, farmers receive an extra sum of money (Fairtrade premium) to invest in improving the quality of their lives. 

Learn about Fairtrade Cotton

We use 100% Organic Cotton to make our products

Organic cotton farming uses natural processes and relies on ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles adapted to local conditions. No GMOs or artificial inputs. 

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Our products are manufactured as per the GOTS Standard

The standard prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during the processing stages and includes strong labor provisions as well as the prohibition of child labor.

Learn about GOTS

Our products are manufactured at a Fair Trade Certified Factory

Our factory workers are paid fair wages and they receive a premium to use for social and economic investments. Fair Trade USA drives best-in-class worker health and safety at factories through the Fair Trade Factory Standard.

Learn about Fair Trade Factory

We are a Certified B Corp

Our parent company, Gallant International, is a certified B Corp. We believe that businesses are capable of doing more social and environmental good in society while educating their employees, customers, and investors about their efforts.

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We donate

With your each purchase of Terra Thread item we donate meals to children, families, and seniors in need through Feeding America in the US. 

Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

  • Lupa Large Canvas Tote Bag
    Green Colored Shoulder Tote Bag
    Regular price
    $ 35.00
    Sale price
    $ 21.00
    Unit price
  • Jorden Tote Bag
    Minimalist Tote Bag for Men and Women
    Regular price
    $ 35.00
    Sale price
    $ 21.00
    Unit price

Sustainably Stylish

Shop Organic Cotton String Bags

Need a Backpack? Why not purchase an Organic Backpack!

Timeless Style. Minimalist Look. 

Made with People and Planet in mind. GOTS and Fairtrade Certified. 

Available for Purchase Soon. Follow us on Social Media for updates. 

What our customers are saying

So pleased!

I considered buying the Lupa Large Canvas tote for many months and I'm so glad I finally made the purchase. It is incredibly sturdy and well-constructed. I love the little inside pocket for my phone and keys. It works well when carrying only a few items, and also fills up well when going out for an all-day outing. I've received so many compliments! I will be a repeat customer

Kate Wilson on Lupa Tote Bags

Got what I wanted

The bag is durable and can sustain a lot more that you think.

Danielle on String Bag

Great quality, loved these pouches.

I'm using these for color pencils, crayons, makeup bag. They look durable. Would highly recommend and would purchase again

Gabriela Palmer on Honua Pouches

The highest quality cotton canvas.

This is the sturdiest cotton canvas I have ever seen! This kind of bag will definitely last a lifetime. I’m looking forward to years of good use and I will be ordering from Terra Thread again.

Danika Esden-Tempski

Best Backpack Ever!

I absolutely love this backpack! I use it to carry items around for my 3.5 year old. I wanted to find a backpack that wasn’t full of toxic chemicals and this is it! The color is beautiful and it’s the perfect size! Super happy with this purchase! Will definitely continue buying from this company!!!


A sexy bag! Well made,ethical,stylish! Love the color and the durable organic cotton!

Peter Rozing

Blown away by both the ethics and quality of my Terra Thread bags. I purchased two backpacks for my kids heading back to school during their bogo promo so with each backpack I got a tote bag for free. And I love every single bag we have received. This is the only organic cotton fair trade product line I have found! Their quality of fabrics and stitching is impeccable, I am very pleased with my purchases! Plus: kid approved!

Molly Daggett

I got the 13” one for my MAC and I cannot begin to say how much I love it. Fits great and is fantastically made. My lab even got a hold of it and there was no damage. Definitely addicted to Terra Thread.


I love my purchases! The backpack is so durable and heavy duty. It Carrie's my laptop, textbooks, and personal items. The quality is great and the color is beautiful. The tote is durable as well. A little on the smaller side but I love them both!

Julia Jenkins

Vegan Mini Backpacks Launching Soon

Travel Sustainably with our Eco-friendly Duffle Bags

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