Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Are you participating? Join us in the movement to reduce our trash.

It’s not too late to get in on Plastic Free July. Plastic Free July is a movement and a foundation started in Australia, encouraging people to live through the month of July with no plastic. They have motivated over 120 million people in 177 different countries. The Plastic Free July website also provides year-round resources for those who are wishing to reduce their waste and be a more conscious consumer.

Sign up for the Plastic Free July challenge here:

Looking for ways to reduce your waste? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover how you can reduce your waste in every area of your life.

At Work:

  1. Are you recycling, composting and using reusable items instead of single-use items? Bring water and drinks in a reusable bottle, bring food in Tupperware and avoid napkins, plastic cutlery and paper plates in the office. Encourage your office to start a recycling or compost program if there is not one in place already.
  2. Bring lunch from home and avoid restaurant to go containers. If you’re feeling fancy, try asking a restaurant or cafe to put your meal in a reusable container. Many restaurants will do this if you are polite and have a clean container in good condition. Don’t be discouraged if they say no, you may have to try multiple places before one says yes.
  3. Encourage your co-workers and even your boss to reduce their waste. If they are a beginner to sustainability, offer them some helpful starting tips.

At School:

  1. Bring your own lunch, complete with reusable utensils, a reusable water bottle, and a cloth napkin.
  2. Let your parents know about the Plastic Free July trend. If they pack your lunch or their own, encourage them to use reusable products.
  3. If you are a teacher, try to reduce waste in your classroom. Educate your students on the importance of sustainability as well.

At Events:

  1. If you are planning, participating in or hosting an event, encourage your vendors to skip plastic, including signage and other plastic items like sample cups. Avoid unnecessary plastic party items like plastic tablecloths and confetti.
  2. Provide your vendors with a large space to wash their items when dirty. If your vendors have a wash station, they are more likely to choose reusable products.
  3. Giving out items or freebies? Only give out items that are reusable, useful and won’t end up in the landfill or the ocean. 

At Your Business:

  1. Encourage all of your staff and customers to educate themselves on sustainability and join the Plastic Free July movement.
  2. If your budget allows, reduce plastic consumption in your packaging. Opt for paper tape and recyclable cardboard boxes when possible.
  3. If you serve food, invest in reusable plates and cutlery as well as biodegradable to-go containers. Encourage your customers to eat in your restaurant instead of taking food to go.
  4. Put up a sign in support of Plastic Free July. Customers will love that you are standing up for a great cause and creating awareness.

In Your Community:

  1. Engage in a plastic-free picnic. Show friends and family how living a waste-free life can be fun and rewarding. Knowing you kept items out of the landfill is a great feeling! 
  2. Organize a clean-up, whether it be at a local park, beach or just around town and near roadways.
  3. Find other people who are participating in Plastic Free July or those who want to know more about sustainability. Form a club and meet new, like-minded friends.                        

Your Local Government:

  1. If your city doesn’t have proper laws in place, contact your local government officials to make a change. 
  2. Get your community involved and inspire them to spark change. If your community wants change, your local government may follow in your community’s footsteps.
  3. Plastic Free July partners with local governments and businesses. To learn more about partnerships visit the site here:

To learn more about Plastic Free July, visit the website: 

Feel overwhelmed? Don’t know where to make a change first? Take the Pesky Plastic Quiz here to find out how you can make a positive change in your life.

Comment below and tell us what changes you are making in the month of July!

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