Every Terra Thread product is made a Fair Trade Certified Factory.


Empowering People & Improving Lives

Our products are made in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory! Fair Trade Standards guarantees safe working conditions for workers and empower them by advancing their economic development.

Why Choose Fair Trade?

At Terra Thread, we have a fundamental purpose and vision to promote and instil ethical and sustainable practices. Transparency, traceability, sustainable development, fair employment, empowering people and protecting our planet are at the core of our values. The Fair Trade Certification ensures that all workers receive: legal wages and benefits, improved livelihoods, safe and healthy workplaces, gender equality, women’s rights, and a responsible workplace throughout the entire supply chain. Most importantly, Fair Trade enforces a prohibition of child and/or forced labor.

When you choose Fair Trade Certified products, you become a part of a movement which promotes and supports sustainability the industry.

Terra Thread pays premium to workers

Fair Trade Principles









Fair Trade Premium to Workers

Fair Trade provides an additional financial contribution to workers on every Certified item. This is known a Fair Trade Premium, a mechanism designed to directly improve the lives of workers and their communities.

  • Health and sanitation projects
  • Childcare facility
  • Bicycles for workers
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Medical programs or health insurance policies
  • Savings accounts & investment schemes
  • Coupons for basic household Items
  • Hot plate and cookware sets

Here are some of the standards and practices of Fair Trade Certification:

  • Fair Trade is a labelling and certification initiative which is focused on empowering, protecting and uplifting workers.
  • The Fair Trade Certification requires a supply chain to be  traceable and transparent. 
  • In order to use the Fair Trade logo and claim, all entities involved in the production, processing, manufacturing, and handling of the product need to be certified or registered with Fair Trade USATM.

Fair Trade Helps Build Sustainable Businesses

When you purchase Fair Trade Certified products, you are supporting and promoting ethical and sustainable business! Additionally, all Fair Trade Certified products require a Premium – these funds are sent directly to a worker’s controlled bank account. These premiums are used for a wide variety of community development projects, which are chosen by a democratically elected Fair Trade Committee. These projects include facilitation of education, health programs, clean water projects and leadership training. Fair Trade Certified products are environmentally responsible as the certification requires accountability for the environmental impact of a company.

Terra Thread backpacks promote and protect workers rights.

Fair Trade - Empowering Workers

When you buy Fair Trade Certified products, you empower workers throughout the supply chain! The Fair Trade Certification requires freedom of association and protection of the right to organize, right to collective bargaining, and equal remuneration. The process of electing a Fair Trade Committee, developing a Fair Trade Plan, and making choices on how to spend the Fair Trade Premium, enhances the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and transform them into desired actions and outcomes. Through these practices and standards, smallholders are able to build individual and collective assets and effectively represent themselves in their negotiations with the Market Access Partner.

Fair Trade Promotes Economic Development

When you shop Fair Trade Certified products, you are increasing the income of small-scale farmers and producers by ensuring transparent and stable trading as well as requiring payment of a Fair Trade Premium on every Fair Trade Certified product sold. Rather than creating dependency on aid, Fair Trade uses a market-based approach that empowers farmers to get a fair price for their harvest, and workers are ensured to get a decent living wage. Through direct, equitable trade, farmers, workers, and families are able to eat better, send their kids to school, improve their health and living condition, and invest in their futures.

Fair Trade Promotes Social Responsibility

The Fair Trade Standard protects children and young adult's right to an education and ensures a safe, age-appropriate workplace. Some of the most important requirements of the Fair Trade Certification, is providing safe and healthy workplace for workers and farmers, preventing child or forced labor, practicing gender equality in the workplace, which includes women’s rights, equal pay and maternity leave. Moreover, Fair Trade establishes accountable and responsible workplace management by ensuring prompt payments, legal wages, benefits for the workers, no excessive overtime, and ensures safety measures in order to avoid work-related injuries.

Fair Trade Promotes Environmental Responsibility

Fair Trade requires stakeholders and smallholders to take environmental responsibility for their business by developing environmental monitoring systems, limiting the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers, implementing biological and eco-friendly pest management techniques and waste management procedures. This  helps protect soil, water, wildlife, and biodiversity.

With your purchase of Terra Thread Fairtrade Backpack you are choosing a product that is good for the people and the planet.