Eco Friendly Sustainable Laptop Sleeve Made with Organic Cotton

Laptop Sleeves

Keep your laptop safe and protected in our organic and Fair Trade laptop sleeves. Our laptop sleeves come in 13" and 15", guaranteeing we have a size to fit your laptop. Proudly carry our Fair Trade sleeves, made with GOTS certified organic cotton. All of our Fair Trade products are made at a Fair Trade certified factory using 100% organic cotton, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. Gift these vegan and cruelty-free laptop sleeves to yourself as well as your family and friends. 

 laptop sleeves 13 inch
Terra Thread Organic Cotton Laptop Sleeve 13 inches

Laptop Sleeve 13 inches

$ 34.00
laptop sleeve with pocket
Organic Cotton laptop sleeve with pocket

Laptop sleeve 15 inches

$ 37.00