5 Must Watch Documentaries About Organic Farming

5 Must Watch Documentaries About Organic Farming

Documentaries are just as great as movies. Though primarily intended for educational purposes, documentaries also have categories for various sub-genres that movie-lovers may find interesting. There are many topics and inspiring stories for everyone to learn about, ranging from healthcare and historical events to technology and climate change.

In recent years, topics relevant to the current timeline have become increasingly popular among documentaries. And one such topic is that of Organic Farming.

Here are some of the inspirational individuals/organizations who took a leap into the fascinating world of organic farming.

  1. The Biggest Little Farm 
  2. GMO OMG
  3. Kiss The Ground
  4. Dreaming of a Vetter World
  5. Before The Plate

Let's learn more about these documentaries.

The Biggest Little Farm

This is a story of a couple, Molly and John Chester, who decide to abandon their lives in the city to purchase an abandoned 81-acre farm in Ventura County, California. They spent the next seven years transforming the arid landscape into a fully functioning farm. A journey filled not only with hardships and difficulties but also happiness from living in harmony with nature. The film holds an approval rating of 91%, with critics describing it as “Uplifting, educational, and entertaining.”

GMO or Genetically Modified Organism includes any organism whose genes have been modified artificially in some way or the other. Jeremy Seifert goes on a journey to Haiti, Paris, Norway and Monsanto, searching for answers about how GMOs affect children, our planetary health and ultimately to find out what he was feeding his family. 

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Kiss The Ground

The film showcases the beauty of soil health as a group of revolutionary activists team up to find a solution in regenerative farming that restores degraded lands and facilitate carbon sequestering. Along with NOAA footages of the Loess Plateau in China before and after restorative methods, it is revealed how a once dusty region can transform into a lush and green land. The film is based on an organization of the same name, Kiss The Ground, which aims to inspire the world with possibilities of regeneration that will help us win against climate change.

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The story is of a Nebraska farmer, Donald Vetter, who had an epiphany while spraying his cornfield. Remembering the effects of chemicals used during wartime, which are now approved for agricultural use, he decides to quit spraying. Despite his neighbors’ questions about his sanity, Donald and his son David, are now on a mission to ‘minister the soil’.

What's on your plate? John Horne, one of Canada’s most renowned chefs, goes on an epic journey from his prestigious restaurant Canoe to the rural origins of the ingredients in his food. His voyage leads him to discover the challenges that farmers of today face. He also learns what it takes to produce food in a rapidly evolving world. Enjoy watching the two worlds of cooking and agriculture collide like it should always have been. 

Tell us in the comment section which documentary is your favorite.

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