Are laptop sleeves worth it?

Are laptop sleeves worth it?

Your laptop comes with an accident-free guarantee, yes? Okay, of course not. We just had to open with humor because it's difficult to discuss the importance of sleeves without mentioning accidents. Unless your wallet is perennially available to fix or purchase a new MacBook upon any unanticipated damage, you are better off with a laptop sleeve.

What is a Laptop Sleeve? 

A laptop sleeve is a protective case, just a hint larger than the laptop, to help prevent daily use impacts such as dents, bumps, dust, etc. Especially if the laptop is carried around sandwiched inside a backpack. 

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that the level of protection will depend on the material quality of the sleeve— not every sleeve is of the same quality. You may add a protective hard shell to prevent major damage, but you still need a laptop sleeve to protect your laptop when you are moving around. 

Terra Thread's computer sleeve are made of heavy-duty 14 oz organic cotton, designed to shield even the likes of the MacBooks and windows laptops to give additional protection.

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Are High-Quality Laptop Sleeves a worthy investment?

If your laptop is the source of your crust, a high-quality sleeve is justified. It gives you the comfort of knowing that your device is not susceptible to accidental injuries. Even if you don't depend on it for work, once you do the math (unforeseen impacts), you'll realize you're getting the most bang for your buck.

laptop case

Laptops are costly, and treating them carelessly can cost you financially, forcing one to shell out huge dollars to have them repaired. Even fixing negligible damages like shell scratch on a Macbook Air or Pro can cost you around 200-400 dollars (depending on the model), plus the service fees. Doesn't that sound terrifying when you're already spending a hefty amount for the laptop? While the sleeve doesn't offer fall protection, it helps lighten the impact. Or, in other words, it helps minimize the damage. 

Why Purchase Laptop Sleeves | Factors To Consider  

Here are a few things to think about when deciding to buy an extra-protection case for your laptop— 

  • Protection Against Dents, Scratches, Bumps 

A laptop sleeve is the best option for a laptop's look to last for a good number of years. Some may argue a sleeve is unnecessary— but that is until it isn't. What if your laptop accidentally gets dropped? Dents and scratches may cause the computer to fail. High-quality, eco-friendly sleeves from Terra Thread can help reduce the likelihood of such mishaps.

  • Extra Safety & Cleanliness Measure For The Delicate Hardware 

A laptop is an electronic gadget— a delicate, sensitive, and costly gear. You, for obvious reasons, don't want looks and performance to be compromised. A uniquely crafted sleeve won't just reduce the possibility of harm but also prevent dust and debris from hindering the hardware performance. By keeping your device in a protective sleeve, you keep the speakers, charging pin, and cable jacks clean, reducing contact with environmental contaminants. A laptop sleeve is immensely valuable in terms of grip as well– it gives you a greater grip over the device. You can carry the laptop in your arms without the fear of slipping or dropping it.

  • The Aesthetics– Carry Your Tech with Flair

Laptops have evolved over the years in terms of design and performance— far from the bulky, hideous debutants. So, if this magical modern device is no longer suitcase-sized or brick-shaped like the good old days, why shouldn't we carry them in stylish cases? We don't believe there is no reason to give up fashion for convenience. And no, we're not talking about the fashion that kills, but fashion that heals. Placing Ethics and aesthetics side by side to make a case for green fashion, Terra Thread's eco-friendly laptop sleeve collection is on the cusp of sustainability and breathes life to the rather dull mainstream tech accessories. 

  1. They have a sturdy body made of fairtrade organic cotton.
  2. They are GOTS certified.
  3. They are accessorized with lead-free metal.
  4. They are available in more than 10 colors
  5. They feature a long pull zipper for easy access, complements convenience, and,
  6. They have a bonus of a front pocket for storing documents, AirPods, hard drives, chargers, and everything else that can fit. 
  7. They are available in two sizes:


By definition, a sleeve does not prevent the laptop from falling but rather acts as a protective cover to shield the laptop from surface dents, scratches, and cuts and lower the impact of fall. So, consider a laptop sleeve with pockets to take the extra precautions on a device that costs you a few thousand dollars. Wrapped in a sleeve before sliding it into the compartment of a backpack will give your laptop superior protection. 

While you're at it, take a look at our sustainable backpacks and mini backpacks.

Do you secure your laptop with a sleeve or simply throw it in as is in the backpack? We'd suggest doing the former before the latter.

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