10 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands

Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands

The devastating fatality that prevailed in Lahore and Karachi in 2012 and immediately, a year later, in Dhaka is proof enough that the true cost of large retail chains supplying cheap, fast fashion is inhuman and ugly. Like robbing human lives isn't enough, fast fashion also accounts for around 10% of GHGs emissions, releases about one-third of microplastics in the ocean, and just 7% of the brands pay living wages to their factory workers. 

Are these fast fashion stats distressing you yet?

It's time to abandon fast fashion in favor of more environmentally friendly choices.

As a consumer, you have a great deal of control over where you spend your dollars. Fast fashion stimulates shoppers to purchase more clothes, keep up with the latest designs, and regard clothes as wear-today-dispose-tomorrow. But by engaging with brands exercising sustainability initiatives and employing fair labor practices, you can help to build market pressure that persuades businesses towards a progressive direction, i.e., slow and sustainable fashion.

organic cotton hoodie

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When it comes to owning a conscious apparel collection, these brands are all excellent names to consider:

Product Range: Underwear, bras 

Knickey underwear

Image credit: Knickey

Knickey is an eco-conscious brand that aims to make organic clothing the daily default. Their products are all made from organic cotton and designed for an impeccable fit. They also have a Recycling Program where you can send your old undies to turn into new materials like insulation, carpet padding, and furniture batting.

Product Range: Shirts, dresses, underwear, beddings 

KOTN promotes eco-societal well-being through their products— they aim to change how things are created and consumed in ways that are better for the environment and humans. Plus, their products represent timeless designs that are built to last and impact the world positively. 

Product Range: Tees, dresses, cookware, accessories

Believing that business can also play a part in bringing environmental solutions, United By Blue aims to clean up the apparel industry and help protect the world's waterways. They also partner with manufacturers to promote ethical working environments and sustainable materials to create responsibly made products. With every product you purchase from them, you are helping remove one pound of trash from the oceans.

Product range: Tops, pants, dresses, accessories, beauty 

Quince is all about adding quality and luxury to your closet without breaking the bank. The brand is creating everyday products made from sustainable materials built to last. They've gone one step ahead of traditional retailing and kept everything from packaging to transportation in-house.

Product range: Tees, tanks, swimwear, accessories, pillows

UpWest provides apparel and non-apparel items made from sustainable fabric for conscious shoppers looking for comfort and goodness. The brand also promotes other sustainable choices in-store such as paperless receipts, recycled poly bags, and so on. 

Product range: Tops, bottoms, bras, shirts, jackets

Satva offers high-quality clothing that makes 'natural' your signature look. This brand is dedicated to producing non-toxic organic clothing that promotes harmony with nature. They represent authenticity through their products, staying true to their principles of sustainable production. 

Product Range: Tops, denim, outwear, accessories, shoes

Everlane shoes

Image credit: Everlane

An environmentally conscious clothing brand offering products made from the finest materials. Everlane brings 'Radical Transparency' to the forefront of their business, partnering with the best ethical factories around the world. Their products are designed with the highest quality to last for years. 

Product Range: Tees, bottoms, dresses, accessories

CHNGE is committed to challenging the status quo of the fashion industry. They ensure carbon neutrality in their productions and ethicality in their supply chain. The brand is also big on donations, raising over $370,000 so far.  

Product Range: Tops, accessories, skirts, loungewear

Amour Vert is a pro-sustainability brand that develops fabrics made from the most ethical, traceable, and eco-friendly raw materials. They dedicate their designs to reducing environmental impacts and also bring conscious adjustments to their business practices. Plus, they are a proud partner of prAna's Responsible Packaging Movement, working alongside other like-minded brands. 

Product Range: Dresses, accessories, tops, skirts

Mata Traders promote conscious crafting through vibrant organic clothing. They aim to make an impact on global poverty through fair trade practices. Each product you buy from this brand lets you support the work of artisans in India and Nepal. 

Now that we have introduced you to some sustainable clothing brands, we would also like to add Terra Thread to your list.

black mini backpack

Our product range includes backpacks, totes, toiletry and cosmetic bags, and now organic cotton clothing. We are on a mission to lead a transformation in organic cotton farming and give consumers better, more planet-friendly choices for everyday essentials.

Terra Thread products are:

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black duffle bag 

gym duffle bag

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