5 Eco-friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

Eco-friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

How do you intend to express your gratitude to the mothers in your life this Mother's Day?

We've entered the spring season and Mother's Day will be here before we know it! Mother's Day is special, holding a dear place in our hearts. While celebrating motherhood and family love is amazing, we should also be aware that careless gifting can generate massive waste and plastic. 

Most people give their mothers chocolate or flowers without realizing how damaging they are to the environment. Roses, chocolate, and cards are popular I love you mom gifts, but here's the deal— Mother's Day accounts for 26% of flower purchases in the US, with the majority imported from Columbia. And research reveals flowers transported from Colombia to Miami alone expend 114 million liters of fuel and emit 360,000 metric tonnes of CO2 annually. The carbon footprint of a mere 40-gram bar of chocolate is approximately 200 grams or five kilograms of carbon per kilogram of chocolate. One greeting card is estimated to release around 140g of CO2e. Unless the flowers are organically grown in your garden, e-cards, or chocolates from ethical brands, we say choose sustainable gifts to show affection to both mommy and Mother Nature. Honoring mothers and our beautiful natural world by advocating for more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to commemorate this special day. 

Gifts can always be more than letting someone know you love them, it can also be an excellent opportunity to support ethical brands by choosing environmentally friendly products over single-use plastic items. An effective means of reducing the superfluous consumption and pollution that this blessed holiday generates annually.

Just as there are for any other holidays, there are greener ways to express love to mothers. From sustainable laptop sleeves to eco-friendly lounge sets, ethical makeup pouches, organic chocolates, and fun activities. We've curated our ultimate Mother's Day gift that is great for mothers, the environment, and even the people who made it. 

Five Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Here are some brilliant zero-waste, sustainable gift ideas for all mothers and Mother Nature.

Moms can always benefit from a lovely, minimalist tote bag. Terra Thread's shoulder totes are thoughtfully manufactured from natural fiber (organic cotton) in Fairtrade certified factories. Check out our canvas tote bag collection:

    1. Executive work tote bag 
    2. Simple canvas tote bag
    3. Cotton mesh grocery bags
    4. Travel tote bag
    5. And more totes!

Work tote bag with pockets

A stylish makeup pouch may be exactly what your mom may need now that things are opening up and outings are happening again. With make up pouches from Terra Thread, moms in your life can carry all their essentials in style. Terra Thread's cosmetic and toiletry bags are made with sturdy organic cotton with lead-free accessories. Our collection comes in many vibrant colors. 

  • Fairtrade Chocolates

Mothers hardly get time to pamper themselves or their palate. So, this Mother's Day is the ideal opportunity for her to enjoy a delicious bar of chocolate. And fairtrade chocolates can help with that with their delectable chocolate treats. 

Check the list of fairtrade chocolates HERE

  • Make a Donation

Perhaps moms in your life want you to donate to the cause they care about? Ask around and find the cause they are passionate about, and donate to the organization that caters to that cause.  

  • A thoughtful experience

While you may like to pamper moms in your life with ethical gifts, you may also want to add experience to that list. A picnic, a boat ride together or perhaps a dinner with the food you prepare together. Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to spend time with someone you love and care. A simple time together can turn into a memorable day! 

Mother's Day can and should include a focus on sustainability. It will be more impactful when you don't waste anything, and instead, give gifts that keep giving. Express your love for sustainability with zero-waste gifts all the while showing all the mothers and Mother Nature how much you care! 

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