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Organic Cotton Mesh Bag - Jord Mesh Tote

Organic Cotton Mesh Bag - Jord Mesh Tote

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Made with Fairtrade certified organic cotton that is free of harmful chemicals, this mesh bag is not only a great choice for a sustainable tote bag, but also its minimalist design means it’s easily stowed and always ready to spring into action. Made from a durable cotton mesh that will swallow up just about anything you’d care to carry—from a farmer’s market watermelon to swim fins, a water bottle and a towel. Two sets of handles—one long, one short—let you easily haul it by hand or on the shoulder. Keep a couple tucked in the car for the unexpected, or carry one as an everyday bag. 

Your purchase also supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need. 

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The best mesh shopping bags for you and the planet!


• Made with Certified Fairtrade Organic cotton mesh 

• Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory 

• Two short carry handles 

• Two long carry handles 


• H16 x W18 inches 


• Spot clean with a soft damp cloth and dry it 

• Machine wash separately in cold water 

• Line dry or use low setting in dryer 

• Do not use bleach; do not dry clean 

Additional Notes

• Our products are shipped without plastic bags or excessive packaging, which may leave behind traces of the journey like marks and folds. 

• Our products are handmade; there may be slight visible imperfections and size variations. 

• Zipper tape & thread are made of polyester material; while we are searching for a better option, poly is currently the most durable solution. 

• Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory in India 

Social & Environmental Responsibility

  • Organic Backpacks from Terra Thread

    Fairtrade Cotton

    Opting for Fairtrade organic cotton empowers small-scale farmers and pushes the industry to become sustainable, fair and transparent

  • Organic Fairtrade Backpacks

    GOTS Certified

    GOTS prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during processing and includes strong labor provisions to protect and empower workers.

  • Fairtrade Backpacks from Terra Thread

    Fair Trade Certified™ Factory

    When you choose fair trade products, you are a part of the movement that promotes and support sustainability throughout the supply chain.

  • Carbon Neutral Backpacks

    Carbon Neutral

    It’s about more than just carbon. By shopping our carbon neutral products, you’re investing in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies and greener Earth!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan Sammon
Had to keep mine

I had carried my organic cotton mesh bag to church a few times, and every time someone commented on it's good looks and usefulness to me, but I had to keep mine, so I bought more to pass on to them.

Paul Lai
beautiful bag in shower room

A very great product and services. Our shower room doesn't have rack to place our changing clothes so we are looking for a light weight and stylish bag to hold them. This bag provides two handles that we can either hook outside the shower curtain or from the ceiling. Very convenient.

Alyssa Hernandez

The bag is durable and much roomier than I expected. A bundle of apples will surely fit in here. The small handles are a nice addition! Then length of the longer handles is perfect and comfortable resting on my shoulder. It is a very cute bag that I am happy to have for my produce!

Sarah Remmell

This is well made and came free with my order which I was extremely surprised about. Very well made and extremely durable!

So happy you like it!

Daniell Morales
Got what I wanted

The bag is durable and can sustain a lot more that you think.

YAY!! We are so glad to hear that you find our Organic Cotton String Bag durable. It can hold up to 40 lbs!