11 Eco-friendly gifts for Fathers in your life

Eco-friendly gifts for Fathers Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. As we get ready to celebrate the fathers in our life, let's remind ourselves to consider how we contribute to sustainability. Remember to honor our commitment to the environment and support environmentally friendly options. 

That said, Father's Day will be here in a blink of an eye, and it can be difficult to shop for all of the fathers in your life. But you still have time to browse our eco-friendly gift ideas to put a smile on their face. 

Here we go:

  1. Duffel Bag from Terra Thread: Terra Thread's Bumi Eco Duffel Bag is a wonderful choice for efficient travel. Made from fairtrade organic cotton, the bag is not only made of natural fiber, but it is also durable enough for daily use. This canvas duffle bag is as spacious as they come, with a large main compartment, an inside zippered pocket and an outside pocket to keep all of the items organized. The perfect sustainable gift for the fathers who carry a lot every day, it will make enduring the daily parameters a breeze!
    duffle bag for men
  2. Assam Black Tea from Alaya TeaAlaya Tea's loose leaf teas are grown on biodynamic farms and packaged in compostable packaging, so they are the perfect gift for tea connoisseur dads. The brand's Assam Black Tea, a classic black tea blend from Assam's magnificent plains, makes the ideal early morning pick-me-up and a conscious sipping choice. Awarded as the "Most Eco-Friendly Black Tea" by Bloomberg Green, Assam Black Tea is one of the many scrumptious tea offerings by Alaya Tea. ASSAM BLACK TEA
  3. Shaving Soap Bar from Badger: This soap bar offers a rich, moisturizing shaving experience. This soap has a creamy lather and it contains ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil that soothes and hydrates the skin. The smooth glide keeps the shaving cuts, nicks, and irritation away. A lovely scent, an exciting shave, and moisturized skin that will last the rest of the day— these are what awaits the special men in your life.  Shaving soap bar
  4. Sustainable Fanny Pack from Terra Thread There's a reason why belt bags, the 90s staple, are still super trendy. Terra Thead's fanny pack is a retro styling that is amazingly handy. It helps keep the essentials in place. This belt bag will go with every aspect of life for all the dads out there— from school drop-offs to conference rooms, dinner dates, road trips, and beaches.fanny pack over shoulder #color_chestnut-brown
  5. Organic and Fair Trade QUINOA Vodka from FAIR: FAIR, based in France, is a conscious spirits brand on a venture to turn cocktails green and ethical. The QUINOA Vodka features a combination of organic and alcoholic ingredients and is a more nutritious alternative to the traditional. This vodka gives a new spin by incorporating superfood ingredients that work deliciously well with the good old spirits. The result is extremely smooth vodka with fruity notes and an almond milk finish. Any liquor that is not only first-of-its-kind but eco-friendly also is a fantastic gift for our dear old dads! Fair Drinks
  6. The Thorn Razor from Leaf Shave: The Thorn Razor from Leaf Shave is perfect for any skin type and facial hair length. A heavy-duty razor featuring a +0.2mm blade gap for easy cleaning and blade swapping. Super easy to use for both beginners and pros, thanks to its Intuitive Angle™ Head and back-weighted handle. Made of high-quality metal, this razor is built to last. No more messy shaving or ingrown hair for the dads— just a smoothly groomed face. Thorn Razor
  7. Bottoms from Taylor StitchTaylor Stitch uses eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, linen, and spun silk to give relaxed wear a stylish touch. The excellent breathability and soft feel of the brand's bottom collection will allow the dads to brave through the daily activities with utmost comfort. It will also give them peace of mind knowing the chinos and shorts they're rocking are ethically made. Taylor Stitch
  8. Assorted Chocolate from Fran's: Fran's signature chocolate box will spoil the fathers with the sweetest experience on this special day. You can show love and care with this delicious Fairtrade and organic chocolate assortment. The sophisticated box with a pretty satin bow will deliciously delight your old man with the highest quality of caramels and truffles flavors! Chocolate assortment
  9. Summer Sandal From Nisolo: Has your father been sporting the same tattered sandal for a decade? Not anymore. Nisolo's conscious sandal collection is made of high-quality certified leather, making them both eco-friendly and fashionable. The lightweight, handwoven breathability and slip-on convenience make the brand's sandals and slip-on a casual yet stylish choice that works perfectly for the summer. Crafted with concern for the environment and people, the fathers in your life will be leaving positive footprints wherever they go. Literally.Nisolo
  10. Sustainable Watch from Nordgreen: If anything, time governance is an admirable attribute of our fathers. And, a Nordgreen's sustainable timepiece in ethical packaging is the perfect gift to show dads respect for their time management. There aren't many watch brands out there that give back to the environment while also giving you a great product. If your dad is in need of a watch, then an environmentally friendly watch from Nordgreen is something he'll surely appreciate. nordgreen watch
  11. Safety razors from Jungle Culture: Reusable safety razors by Jungle Culture are precision engineered using eco-friendly, natural bamboo, durable chrome and long-lasting metal. Their unisex DE reusable eco razors are perfectly weighted and balanced to make zero waste shaving easy for beginners.

safety razor from Jungle Culture

Lastly, try our organic cotton hoodies! Our hoodies are made with Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton. Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) is the highest standard for organic agriculture in the world, and the only certificate with stringent requirements for soil health, animal welfare, and the social wellbeing of farmers and workers.

Still don't know what to get? Give the gift of choice and sustainability with Terra Thread Gift Card.

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