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Mini Canvas Mini Backpack

As more places start to open up and you step out more often, getting out in the public settings of the 'new normal' means carrying not just belongings but safety precautions like sanitizers and masks. This also means you’re going to have to use your handbags more, and your bag collection is more likely to change!

Handbags are gorgeous, we get that— but is it really practical during times like this where you’re supposed to carry beauty/toiletry, handy, and protective essentials all at a go? Right, they’re not. 

So what is cute, quirky yet utilitarian enough to accommodate the important essentials? Two words— Mini Backpack.  As we slowly put home quarantine to rest (hopefully for good) and ready ourselves to go out, you want a bag that looks amazing but also holds all of your necessities— face masks, wallet, phone, keys, chargers, and obviously, sanitizers! 

Miniature bags have had their share of the spotlight in the fashion runways of 2021. It's no wonder that mini backpacks are following suit. These cute little versions of back-to-school backpacks are laid back, chic, and super convenient to carry. They are excellent substitutes for purses and handbags. Particularly, when you’re out for a day out— re-exploring the city, shopping the way you used to before the breakout, walking around the park, etc. They keep your hands free and can express your style.

A mini backpack that can store all of your belongings is a lifesaver. Plus, they are way more spacious than they look— well, at least our canvas mini backpacks are! These adorable mini backpacks can keep your spirits high, and fulfill your day-out with freestanding gratification. From athletic styles to minimalist designs, the trendy selections help you satisfy your care-free and hands-free fun.

So, come on now and hop aboard this mini express— the best of cotton mini backpacks that is both en vogue and functional.

Where To Get Functional Mini Backpacks?

Try Terra Thread’s Tiny Yet Functional Everyday Mini Backpack

A minimalist, stylish eco-friendly mini backpack to consider as you prepare to return to the outside world.  

Introducing Terra Thread’s Sustainable Mini Backpack collection— these carbon-neutral backpacks feature outside and inside pocket, and double slider zipper YKK. Our mini backpacks come in a variety of colors, measuring 13"(H) x 10.5"(W) x 4”(D). They are made of sturdy certified organic cotton canvas and are GOTS and Fair Trade Certified.

Mini Green Backpack
  • Not Just Functional, But Safe Too!  

Terra Thread's Zem Mini Backpacks are more than just the perfect accessory to carry your belongings or keep your child’s school supplies organized. Given that our products are ethically crafted with organic cotton, they are also safe for health and the environment. Free of dangerous pesticides and harmful toxins, it is one of the best eco-friendly backpacks for outings, work, school, and more There are also no traces of lead, BPA, or phthalate, making it safe to use at all times.  

  • Super-Cute And Plenty of Storage!  

What is not to love about a compact, colorful bag with spacious accommodation? With the main compartment large enough to hold a lot of stuff, you will be filling (and pulling out) various essentials in different size ranges. The outside pockets further provide additional storage space. The bag has an adjustable strap for the best fit. A gender-neutral mini backpack useful for various activities!  

  • A Mini Backpack That Gives Back!  

Terra Thread’s mini backpacks are not only environmentally conscious, sustainable, and long-lasting, but it also contributes towards a social cause. Every purchase of our organic cotton canvas mini backpack, an attractively giftable item, we are helping Feeding America on their journey to alleviate the challenges faced by more than 46 million people in the United States. Terra Thread mini backpack is an ethical, most eco-friendly mini bag to keep your items safe and organized, whenever you’re on the go. You won't be complaining about your belongings being a jumbled mess. Meanwhile, you’ll also feel good knowing that the bag you’re carrying contributed to a social cause.   

Plus we also have backpacks that are great for back to school!

Looking for something bigger? We have the perfect eco-friendly, durable, spacious and sustainable backpack that is perfect for back to school. From a large laptop compartment to side pockets for your reusable water bottles, this backpack has everything you need. Ideal for anyone and everyone who wants an organic, elegant bag with excellent practical functionalities! While at it, maybe check out our other sustainable products including eco-friendly toiletries bag to pair with your backpack?  

Here at Terra Thread we focus on making environmentally friendly backpacks and bags. Our mini backpacks are ethically crafted with Fairtrade Organic Cotton and made at a Fair Trade Factory.

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