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Employee Appreciation Gifts

Amid the prevailing threats of climate change, an increasing number of businesses are supporting the development of sustainability solutions. It is not just consumers supporting forward-thinking organizations but employees who want their place of work to be as ethical as possible. Showing gratitude to your employees with green gifts is one of the best approaches to demonstrating your care and concern. It can have a huge impact on team spirit, work efficiency, and resourcefulness. Environmentally friendly corporate gifts are also a significant move toward a clean energy future. We live in a world where resources are limited, and businesses must incorporate sustainable marketing systems as soon as possible. The options for corporate eco-friendly gifts are ample— they could be organic cotton totes, sustainable office supplies, or even clean beauty products.

Why Choose Sustainable Gifts? 

No matter the size, sustainable gifts will speak for a business - a business that takes precedence in environmental stewardship over just capital gain. 

Talk is easy and cheap, and anyone can do it— what matters is validating words with action. The agenda behind sustainable gifting is to lower your carbon footprint while also helping the recipient become more environmentally conscious. Sustainable corporate gifts are sweet gestures of gratitude that at the same time asserts the green vision and values of a company. Plus, ethically sourced eco-friendly gifts also distinguish an organization. This is because sustainable items are usually more expensive than their single-use counterparts, which can be a stop sign for several businesses. Going for the green gifts implies that the company is different and also that their business is more than just making profits. Incorporating environmental initiatives into your organization shows that you are serious about impacting the cause. The bonus point? Your willingness to invest in green governance will endear to a wide range of consumers who value sustainable development, contributing to brand awareness and reputation. So, if you're giving a corporate gift, you want to make sure it's environmentally responsible, thoughtful, and sustainable. 

Tote bags are classic when it comes to gifting. Hitting off in the 60s (it existed before that, of course), it's still a happening fashion accessory. This stylish yet practical bag that can accommodate almost every on-the-go belonging can only get better with one that is made of sustainable and ethically-sourced material.

  • Terra Thread obtains its high-quality organic cotton from rain-fed farms in India.
  • Our products are made in Fair Trade certified factories.
  • Our tote collection has many styles and comes in an array of eye-catching colors. 

Work Tote Bags With Compartment

Our everyday backpack collection has two openings, main and front pockets, and two water bottle pockets. As you unzip and take a peek, you'll find a laptop compartment large enough to slide in 15-inch laptops. The products are made of high-quality organic cotton canvas equipped with YKK lead-free antique finish metal zippers. Terra thread backpacks are ergonomic and stylish and come in vibrant colors.

eco friendly backpacks

While you're looking for eco friendly backpacks, give our canvas mini backpack a try as well. Perfect for everyday use, your employees will use it again and again. 

black mini backpack

Toiletry bags and organizers made from sustainable materials can be life-saver in many ways. You can use it to keep the smaller things (which are usually the dearest to us) organized, whether at home or on the go.

  • Terra Thread's modern and elegant toiletry bags are made of sustainably sourced organic cotton and dyed with low-impact dyes just like the rest of our products. 
  • These functional and convenient pouches prevent the tiny essentials from drowning in the bottom of the bag, making it a super handy gift for carrying smaller office supplies as well.

Terra Thread's sustainable laptop sleeves are made with 14 oz heavy-duty cotton canvas. It is a structurally sound and sleek-looking case for anyone on the go.

  • Our ethical canvas laptop sleeves have clean aesthetics and are the staple for a 13-inch MacBook or Windows computer of larger sizes (up to 15 inches). 
  • The elegant bag, which includes a padded compartment for the safe movement of a laptop.
  • The accessories straddle the boundaries between a playful bag and a specialized laptop shell.
  • Our laptop sleeves are made of organic cotton canvas.
  • It has a main center pocket with a long zipper pull for secure closing.

Laptop Sleeve 15 inches

organic cotton pencil case

The ideal pencil case is the one that comes in a perfect size and material, and we have just that. Terra Thread pencil cases are spacious enough to keep your pens, pencil, highlighters, bobby pins (all of the tiny-sized essentials), makeup brushes, and more organized. Hunting for a pen or pencil through the entire bag is not a fun activity. Make it fun for your employees with colorful organic cotton pencil cases!

If you prefer to gift a set, we also have the option to do that. Check out these sets:

The last two years have been tough on us all— lockdown and isolation. And yet, there were your employees hustling from home to have your company up and running. As things have started to open up and back-to-office is slowly unfolding, wouldn't it be amazing to take this opportunity to give sustainable items to your employees? We believe there isn't any other better way to say 'thank you for your commitment and hard work during these difficult times' than gifting thoughtful and sustainable items. 

If you require branded corporate gifts for employees and clients that are sustainably made and represent your values, we can help with that! Visit our sustainable corporate gifting page. 

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