Must-have Essentials From Terra Thread For The Perfect Back-To-Office Transition

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The current pandemic has had many people around the world have their first experience working from home. While some found it simple, others found it tough. We bet those that made sure they had the necessities were more productive and focused.

Work materials are essential for sustaining peak performance. And now that the world is slowly going back to the 'old normal', it is the perfect time to outfit your office work with the essentials!

We've whittled the list down and handpicked these products just for you. Do you have these back-to-office essentials yet?

You need a warrior backpack if you've started (or are preparing) hauling a laptop or paperwork to your workplace. The organic backpack collection from Terra Thread is minimalistic, sophisticated, and sturdy, fulfilling utility features like long zipper double-sided pulls, a compartment for 13 or 15 inches laptops, and YKK lead-free metal zippers. Plus, it has a zippered large front pocket and an inside hanging pocket to keep your other values organized. Then, two side pockets for water bottles— so you have your H2O to hydrate your system wherever you go. These features keep your belongings safe and organized during your trip between home and office. Our eco backpacks come in traditional colors like black and brown, and we also have other playful colors for those who prefer to be a little more fun and daring. 

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Speaking of fun, if you're wondering about between a regular backpack and a crossbody bag, check out these cutest, practical mini backpacks that lend the perfect combination of the two. Smaller in size but has all of the advantages of a standard backpack in terms of usability.

mini backpack in black color

A sophisticated and lightweight tote bag for work is an attractive solution to keep your work essentials closely regulated. Our canvas totes feature sturdy handles, robust fabric, and two pocket compartments to fit all back-to-office supplies while keeping you organized even while on the go. Available in various eye-catching colors such as lavender, ruby red, and coral pink, these totes are far from a boring office-wear look, making them ideal for carrying to after-office cocktail parties, dinner, or a get-together. 

Black tote bag with pockets and laptop compartment for work

Now that you're going back to the office, you'll need a medium to transport the pens and highlighters piling on the desk of your home office. And perhaps even lip balm and lotion for quick in-between touch-ups? Our lovely, ethical cotton cosmetic bags can carry your tiny items, making it easy for you to find them whenever you want to. The pouches are made of sustainable material, 14 oz organic cotton. They have a zipper-style construction that allows you to easily store all of your smaller personal and office essentials that usually gets lost at the bottom of a bag (not a pleasant experience).
Cosmetic bag for men and women
Looking for something just for your stationery? Try our organic cotton pencil case, also perfect for paintbrushes and makeup brushes.

Terra Thread's laptop sleeve collection spans 13 and 15 inches. They have long-pull zipper styles and come in both light and dark shades. Our sustainable laptop sleeves have an inside organic cotton lining for extra padding– to protect your electronics from severe blows. The exterior shell is soft yet durable, making it an appealing and functional office essential. Plus, there's also an exterior front pocket for storing the extras, such as charging cables, external hard drives, and other small items.

15 laptop sleeve

Going back to the office at this point may necessitate a serious reconsideration of what it means to work in an environment different from your home. This includes thinking about your daily commute and how to ensure you're comfortable spending the entire day in a commercial establishment. You could be excited to disconnect the link between work and home, or still apprehensive. Either way, the shift is already occurring, and we'd rather you're ready and prepared with the perfect back-to-work products. 

We've compiled above the best of back-to-office basics, from organic backpacks and cosmetic pouches to laptop cases. You might want to take a look at our other products for work essentials that did not make it to the list.

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