Green Activities to do this Summer

10 Green Activities to do this Summer

There are numerous eco-friendly things you can do to help the planet alongside having enormous summer fun. Below is a lineup of eco-friendly summer activities for the exciting yet green summer. 

Warmer days are perfect for long drives, spontaneous excursions, slushies, potlucks, and swimming. While summer is an enjoyable season, it is also a season that increases plastic waste by 40% and harms nature with about 87% of mismanaged waste. All of these contribute to planet pollution, which is why we shouldn't allow our enjoyments to fog our sustainability stewardship.

We have compiled a list of 10 fun activities with the hopes that they will inspire and encourage you to love nature and lessen your ecological footprint this summer!  

10 Pro-Environment Summer Activities 

  • Take a walk 

Walk, ride a bike or take public transportation for routine trips like going to the convenience store in the vicinity when possible. Instead of revving up the car engine, which releases massive amounts of toxic emissions, consider walking. This will not only prevent pollution but also be a great exercise. Another option is to proactively go for a nature trail. It is a wonderful opportunity for scavenger hunts, nature discussions, and imaginative exploration. Nature trailing, hands down, is amongst the eco-friendliest summer activities. 

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  • Start a garden

Gardening is frequently undervalued. Most may think it is too boring and protracted for it to be fascinating. On the contrary, gardening is highly valuable for the human body and mind, and the environment. Create a space, even if it is small, in your backyard to plant your favorite fruits or vegetables. If backyard space is an issue, try ceramic pots to start a mini garden. You can also go for window or rooftop gardening, both of which are not just excellent traditional gardening substitutes but also beautify the place.

  • Set up your recycling game

Are you still chucking things out without thinking twice? Summer vacation is the perfect time to change that and start recycling. Start by putting up more bins at home to separate what can be recycled despite being regarded as trash. This includes kitchen waste, old apparel/ bags/ shoes, and even electronics. Add bins and label them to indicate what should be where so that the rest of the family members can also participate in the recycling system. 

  • Start composting

Compost the food leftovers to reduce food waste. Composts are excellent natural fertilizers for kitchen and flower gardens. 

  • The first step to start composting is to invest in a bin with a lid. Or use any bucket with a lid if you already have one at home. 
  • Then, carefully poke holes into the sides and the base of the bucket. 
  • Mix the compostable scraps with paper and top it off with soil.
  • Next, place the bucket in an area that is safe from direct sunlight for about 4 weeks. 
  • Sprinkle water on it every few days for moisture retention and aeration. 
  • And voila— you have the perfect organic fertilizer for your gardens in just a month! 

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  • Quick trip to the beach 

A breezy trip to the beach is a sustainable activity that almost everyone loves. To ensure a green beach day:

    • Pack your snacks, water, and other essentials in a reusable bag such as the organic cotton mesh bag.
    • If you plan to eat at the beach, support local eateries by purchasing from regional food vendors.
    • Remember to bring a trash bag regardless of whether you're headed for a lovely relaxing time or participating in ocean litter cleanups. While it's important we avoid plastic items and waste generation, trash bags are handy in case of collateral garbage.It will also prevent beach trash bins from becoming jam-packed. 
  • Camping in a fort 

Building a fort is super fun and brings back nostalgic memories for many. So, why not relive the good old days by pitching a tent in your backyard and enjoy the feeling of camping out in the majestic wild. It is an eco-friendly activity where you enjoy the adventurous thrill in the comfort of your backyard! 

  • Go on a green picnic 

Summer vacation is not complete without picnics. To indulge in eco-friendly alfresco eating, while surrounded by nature, try a zero-waste picnic. Use reusable cutleries instead of plastic and other single-use items. Bring water in your reusable water bottles to avoid plastic water bottles. 

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  • Weekend trip 

If you're planning a quick getaway on one of the summer weekends, make sure you make a deliberate effort to be mindful of the environment when traveling. Pack only the crucial essentials to travel as light as possible. Sustainable backpacks and duffle bags are great for overnight or weekend trips (or even a couple of days). You can also use cosmetic & toiletry bags to organize your esstentials. And why not carry a fanny pack while exploring or shopping in the destination place. By changing our travel habits, we can safeguard the beautiful corners of our planet, and also reduce the negative impact of tourism. 

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  • Visit your local farmer's market

Every year, summer blesses us with the juiciest of fruits and greens. And you'd be missing out on that if you don't visit the farmer's markets. It is a terrific eco-friendly activity that not only helps you score fresh, organic produce but also supports small local farms and farmers. Farmer's markets are amazing places to take part in local activities and develop a feeling of togetherness. Prepare to embrace the richness of farmer's markets this summer— slather on sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and of course, carry a tote bag to bring home the nutrition! 

  • Connect with the community 

Be an active participant in local community events that are conducted for positive changes. Socializing and supporting local efforts is a fantastic way to develop a more sustainable neighborhood. Keep an eye out on the community website to see what events are coming up. If there isn't one, ask around friends and family to find out about any upcoming green programs. And if all fails, host your own event--- gather and organize events with like-minded people to help clean up the beach, pick litter from parks, etc. 

There you go— ten super-fun, super-sustainable activities you can enjoy this summer. Have the best sustainable summer ever! 

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