10 Green Activities to do this Summer

Green activities to do this summer

Summer is a fantastic time to venture outside and appreciate nature. With the warmer weather, communities start bustling with excitement, and people start taking advantage of the season to improve their moods and to do things that make a difference. We have 25 enjoyable eco-friendly activities for you to do solo or with friends and family. These include things like going on walks in nature, as well as doing crafts and taking pictures!

Let's appreciate the natural wonders and get back in touch with our beautiful environment!

  • Enjoy nature with walks 

Enjoy nature's beauty while you revitalize your body and mind. Take a stroll in the parks or green areas to embrace the healing effects of a walk. Studies show that spending some time in nature can improve your attitude and overall health, including improved memory, attention span, cognitive functions, etc. Consider walking as an alternative to cranking up the car's engine, which produces significant volumes of hazardous fumes. If you're headed for convenience stores in the vicinity- walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation whenever possible. Not only will this reduce pollution and contribute to keeping the air clean that we need to survive, but it will also be a wonderful workout.  

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  • Give your body an organic food healing

The food we eat can have a significant impact on the environment if the food is grown using a conventional way. But there are several factors to take into account that can help you live a healthy lifestyle and lessen your impact on the environment. You can visit the local farmers' markets, cut down on meat-based meals, shop seasonal local products, avoid food that comes in excessive packaging, and prioritize wholesome, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly foods wherever possible because they are beneficial for the people and the environment.

  • Bring a garden to life  

A lot of times, gardening is overlooked, but this hobby has many positive effects on both the environment and the body and psyche of a person. Make a spot in your backyard, no matter how tiny, to plant your preferred fruits, veggies, or flowers. If space is an issue, tiny gardens in ceramic pots can be an excellent method to try. Window or rooftop gardening is also another fantastic alternative to traditional gardening which enhances the environment. All the little garden efforts and modifications can support the animals in your area, which indirectly benefits the entire ecosystem.

  • Give bees a home

We frequently hear about the decline of the bee population and the dangers of it, but what we also need to be mindful of is that the decline is brought on by habitat loss and destruction. With increasing deforestation rates, bees resort to resting in dead trees, ground, or hollow logs, which are hardly a home enough to prosper the population. You can help one of nature's most significant pollinators to have a home and thrive by building unique nesting areas. This will support them in executing their extremely important roles in the proper functioning of the ecosystem.  

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  • Abandon plastic bags for good

Single-use plastic bags are used for 12 minutes on average but lie stagnant in landfills for 1000 years. Meaning, a thousand years of releasing toxic chemicals and pollutants into the surrounding area. The environmental impact of plastic bags is horrifying. Less than five percent of plastic bags used in America are recycled, despite the 100 billion plastic shopping bags usage & disposal cycle in a year. This entails a substantial amount of waste, much of which finds its way into the environment. The alarming statistics are worth giving our plastic consumption habits a second thought.

  • Up your recycling & composting game

If you are still throwing items out carelessly, stop and start recycling instead. Set up recycling containers at home to separate recyclable waste such as kitchen waste, old clothing, bags, shoes, electronics, etc. Anything that cannot be repurposed, pack it up for the recycling provisions in your local area. Likewise, handle the organic waste more consciously through composts. Composts are excellent natural fertilizers for kitchens and flower gardens.

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    • Give green present a try

    Circle out the birthdays of friends and family or any special events that fall in the summer. Plan how you can craft your gift using your time and talents as a greener gift alternative over unsustainable gifts. If that is not possible, do your search to find eco-friendly products from sustainable brands. Special occasions and celebrations in our lives are all-season and are frequently connected to excess consumption and unsustainable gifts. By choosing products made with the environment and people in mind, you can appreciate your loved ones with physical gifts and still be environmentally friendly. 

    • Quick trip to the beach / enjoy green picnic

    A breezy trip to the beach is a sustainable activity that almost everyone loves. To ensure a green beach day:

      • Pack your snacks, water, and other essentials in a reusable bag such as the organic cotton mesh bag.
      • If you plan to eat at the beach, support local eateries by purchasing from regional food vendors.
      • Remember to bring a trash bag regardless of whether you're headed for a lovely relaxing time or participating in ocean litter cleanups. While it's important we avoid plastic items and waste generation, trash bags are handy in case of collateral garbage.It will also prevent beach trash bins from becoming jam-packed. 
    Summer vacation is not complete without picnics. To indulge in eco-friendly alfresco eating, while surrounded by nature, try a zero-waste picnic. Use reusable cutleries instead of plastic and other single-use items. Bring water in your reusable water bottles to avoid plastic water bottles. 

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    • Weekend trip 

    If you're planning a quick getaway on one of the summer weekends, make sure you make a deliberate effort to be mindful of the environment when traveling. Pack only the crucial essentials to travel as light as possible. Sustainable backpacks and duffle bags are great for overnight or weekend trips (or even a couple of days). You can also use cosmetic & toiletry bags to organize your esstentials. And why not carry a fanny pack while exploring or shopping in the destination place. By changing our travel habits, we can safeguard the beautiful corners of our planet, and also reduce the negative impact of tourism. 

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    • Connect with the community 

    Be an active participant in local community events that are conducted for positive changes. Socializing and supporting local efforts is a fantastic way to develop a more sustainable neighborhood. Keep an eye out on the community website to see what events are coming up. If there isn't one, ask around friends and family to find out about any upcoming green programs. And if all fails, host your own event--- gather and organize events with like-minded people to help clean up the beach, pick litter from parks, etc. 

    There you go— ten super-fun, super-sustainable activities you can enjoy this summer. Have the best sustainable summer ever! 

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