5 tips to stay hydrated this summer

tips to stay hydrated

The summer months tax harshly on our bodies in terms of hydration, making water a daily necessity for health and wellbeing. 

Water is critical to the performance of biological functions in human bodies. It is the most important but under appreciated nutrient. Water serves as a solvent that helps in regulating body temperature and blood circulation. 

Losing too much water can cause dehydration which can result in blood pressure, urinary tract infections, and heat strokes, among other dangers. Our daily water intake must match the amount we lose naturally or due to external activities. 

Here are some suggestions for staying well-hydrated during the hot summer months.

  • Active Water Consumption 

Water is important for us, but we often lose sight of the fact to drink enough. Experts suggest about 3.7 liters (15.5 cups) for men and 2.7 liters (11.5 cups) for women per day. Use water tracker apps to set reminders for drinking water. You can make delicious water infusions by mixing fruits like strawberries and cucumbers. It will not only add flavor to regular water but will also make you want to drink more of it. Have a water bottle with you if you step out of the house for work or errands. Carry canvas backpacks with side pockets, so that you can take water bottles with you and take a sip at every interval. 

  • Consume Water-Rich Fruits & Vegetables

Boost hydration levels by consuming fruits and vegetables that are abundant in water. Leafy greens, watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, celery, kale, zucchini, oranges, and peaches are all excellent choices. Consume them generously, and if possible, even pack them in a lunch box to take with you whenever you travel. Remember that water-rich foods are not just a great source of water but also electrolytes. The importance of electrolytes cannot be overstated, especially if your day involves doing heavy manual labor or physical workouts. 

  • Stay Away From Caffeinated Sodas 

Sodas and beverages are liquid, but they act the opposite of hydration. The high caffeine content in caffeinated sodas can accelerate urine and fluid loss owing to the diuretic effects. You can instead choose ORS (Oral Rehydration Formula) solutions for tackling dehydration. Water, of course, is still the finest option, particularly if you're hitting the gym or splurging your hours under the sun.

  • Check Urine Color

An effective way to determine if your body needs water is through the color of the urine. Misty yellowish or brown color indicates dehydration, while pale yellow to clear means a thumbs up on the hydration level. So, keep track of the color of your urine. Do remember that if despite drinking enough water the urine color still appears foggy, it could be more than dehydration. Perhaps a symptom of other problems. In such cases, make an appointment with your doctor.

  • The Right Clothes And Accessories 

Certain materials have high absorbency that helps in keeping you cool during hot days. But the same cannot be said for every summer clothing. So, choose your clothing and accessories wisely before leaving the house. Put on your sunscreen and wear clothes that protect you from the sun and prevent excessive sweating. Carry bags that can accommodate not just work belongings and also hydration essentials like water bottles, fruits, etc. Invest in good backpacks with pockets to conveniently slide in the water bottles. You can check out Terra Thread's sustainable backpacks, which have two side pockets specifically designed to help carry water bottles with ease while on the go. No matter what, the rule of thumb is to equip yourself with the right clothes and bag to keep dehydration far away. 

We don't want you dehydrated this summer. Take all the right hydration steps and have great summertime fun! 

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