Eco-friendly Business Gifts: The Modest Stride Toward A Greener Environment

Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

The corporate gifting market in the United States carries an enormous magnitude. It isn't just for B2B gifting between management and staff, or investors and entrepreneurs. It also provides a large network possibility for retailers and sellers. But most importantly, corporate gifting reflects the ethical value of the businesses. It shows that the company is invested in ecological sustainability just as much as they are in profits and revenue turnovers.   

Environmentally friendly gifts come in different styles and sizes. They may be recycled office supplies, sustainable backpacks, or even organic produce from farmer's markets that employ sustainable agricultural practices. To put it simply, eco-friendly corporate gifts for employees is a great way to inspire the recipient to become more environmentally conscious— a little gesture of gratitude that may have a big influence on organizational motivation and productivity.

Amid the ongoing pandemic and the climate change catastrophe, an increasing number of businesses are realizing the benefits of sustainable operations within the organization. The world's resources are limited— it is of urgent necessity that businesses incorporate sustainable marketing strategies which involve eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Clients want to know that they are in partnership with an organization that is aware of the current environmental issues, while employees want their workspace to be as environmentally sustainable just like their personal living spaces. So, while it is credible to discuss green organizational policies, they must be also endorsed through actions. And, sustainable gifts that underline the company’s ethical goals and responsibilities is one of them.

The Booming Corporate Gifting Market In The United States

According to Unwrapping the American Corporate Gifting Opportunity research by Coresight, the US corporate gifting industry is expected to reach $242 billion by the end of 2021 and $306 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 8.1%. The research reveals that it's been over three years since the industry stood at approximately $125 billion. Now, the market has risen dramatically and is currently estimated to be north of $242 billion and expanding at over 8% per year. 

Coresight Research surveyed 300 corporate gift buyers in the United States to discuss both the primary perks and problems of corporate gifting—

  1. Nearly 58% or six out of 10 said they give the same amount or more after working remotely.
  2. Improved employee relationships was rated as one of the three leading benefits beating out perks like lead generation and sales growth by 43% of respondents.
The Emotional Impact of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is an effective way to establish bonds and make receivers feel appreciated. Although there are financial advantages like brand awareness and higher sales, these are outweighed by psychological and emotional advantages.

The emotional impact of a gift on the receiver has a high association with its efficacy.

A surprise gift, according to a study on the benefits of gifting on corporate objectives, causes the Endowment effect— induces a heightened feeling of belongingness over an item, resulting in the receiver appreciating the gift more strongly. It also has an impact on sentiments of cohesiveness, which is evident in the marketing and gift-giving outcomes in a variety of frequent corporate gifting settings. 

The influence of corporate gifts on the outcomes of business transactions

The correct gift may entice a prospective customer to complete the desired response— buying a product, scheduling a discovery call, subscribing for a service, etc. Gifting can also persuade those who aren't yet customers to become one— 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with an organization that provides tailored experiences.

The same applies to clients— it can reassure clients that their business is valued and urge them to continue their service with the organization.  

But the path to exceptional company outcomes doesn’t stop there— it extends to the in-house employees. Receiving a thoughtful, high-quality item can be effective for your employees (or anyone for that matter).

Personalized corporate gifts of superior value establish a feeling of connectedness and closeness to the organization. Employees are drawn more to the company, because of this sense of belonging and exclusivity, which helps them create strong emotional relationships. These emotions influence how employees carry out their responsibilities and their contribution towards the organization.

Clarus Commerce has neatly presented the emotional relationships and the depth of its impact on long-term employee/ client loyalty. The article reveals that consumers who have a sentimental connection to a brand have a 306% greater lifetime value, and stay with a brand for an average of 5.1 years.

Employing Corporate Gifting To Environment’s Advantage

Corporate gifts are not new— it’s an old practice, and many of the gift items end up in landfills which causes pollution and carbon emissions. Switching to meaningful, sustainable products can change that.

The value of corporate gifting emerges beneficial in developing highly successful corporate policies that help drive the company forward. But these activities can be made even more powerful by choosing to gift items that advocate sustainability.

The Benefits of Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Green gifts are a great way to connect with your employees and customers and promote your business around the world. The growing alternatives for sustainable business gifts are becoming increasingly popular. These green promotional items will help rescue the planet, and undoubtedly add value to company’s marketing campaigns by boosting brand value.

Investing in environmentally friendly gifts can be a terrific way for you to celebrate your company while also taking advantage of the best sustainable corporate gifting services. Sustainably sourced items are worth it because giving a sustainable product and introducing green practices to your firm show that you're serious about the cause. The fact that you're willing to put money into environmental stewardship will appeal to employees and a huge number of customers that value sustainability. Sustainable corporate gifts can also include your company's logo, tying in with your marketing strategy while also improving your company's image.

Bottom line— if you're giving a corporate gift, be sure it's eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts— Sharing Love That is Kind to the Environment

Corporate gifting that is both sustainable and cost-effective is only the beginning— sustainability is a long-term trend— it is a concept that should be included in every environmentally accountable strategy of businesses.

Businesses must incorporate fresh concepts into eco-friendly gifts. It is more practical and also environmentally beneficial. Consider implementing greener working practices, contributing a portion of profits to social causes, or participating in corporate environmental programs.

Your company can help slow down the effects of climate change by being more green and encouraging your employees, clients, and even competitors to adopt sustainable practices.

All of Terra Thread products are available for corporate gifting. Your business can build long-term client relationships by providing Terra Thread’s ecologically responsible and sustainable products. Raising the bar for corporate gifting that is high-quality, long-lasting, and impactful. Our collection of sustainable gifts are made with 100% organic cotton. They are GOTS and Fairtrade Certified and Carbon Neutral. Reach out to us if you're ready to embrace the potential of sustainable corporate gifting.

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