Eco-Friendly Backpacks: A Guide to Choosing the Right Material

Guide to Choosing the Right Material for backpacks

It is fairly simple to know if a backpack is environmentally friendly by looking at its materials. Different kinds of eco-friendly materials are used in crafting backpacks, including natural, biodegradable, and even recycled fabric.

At Terra Thread, we use only natural fiber - specifically organic cotton. Our products are GOTS certified and are made of certified Fairtrade organic cotton canvas. Organic cotton utilizes 91% less water, 62% less energy and 46% reduced global warming potential than conventional cotton products.

Sustainable Materials

The raw materials used for backpack construction are among the primary factors to determine its sustainability. The best way to be certain is to cross-check that the resources are organic, natural, or upcycled. Make sure the fabric is sourced ethically and sustainably, considering both the environment and humans involved in the process.

Check out, for instance, Terra Thread's Earth backpack production process- this minimalistic design backpack is made using 14-oz Certified Fairtrade Organic Cotton at Fair Trade Certified™ factories in India.

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That said, before we go to other factors that link closely to eco-friendly materials, you might also like to read a similar article- in the Questions to Ask About Eco-Friendly Backpacks blog, we discuss what you should consider before purchasing a sustainable backpack.

  • Non-Toxic Fabric Dye 

Another aspect to take into account is the dyes used for coloring the material. Terra Thread's environmentally friendly backpacks use only low-impact dyes allowed by GOTS, meaning it does not contain toxic substances and requires less rinsing and water usage.

  • Excellent Quality 

The workmanship of the material has an important impact on a product's sustainability. Superior quality materials have a longer shelf life. This is paramount because it directly influences the replacement frequency of the product. A robust, long-lasting quality can also help close the loop of mass production that is environmentally detrimental. 

  • Credible Certifications 

Certified fabrics like certified organic cotton help to promote a more mindful and transparent consumerism culture. Certification from recognized international organizations attests to a brand's socio-economic and environmental fairness. It also encourages manufacturers and companies to keep up with changing consumers' priorities for sustainable products, pushing them to become certified.

Below are some of Terra Thread Backpacks' material certifications:

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is precisely what it says it is: it establishes the benchmark for textiles derived from organic fibers. A textile product carrying the GOTS label grade 'organic' must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers whereas a product with the label grade 'made with organic' must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibers. 

The Fairtrade accreditation safeguards the rights of the farming and labor communities across the globe. The label reflects that the brand is adhering to the required social, economic, and environmental standards of the certification.

Affiliated to Social Causes

While this may not be uniform across all brands, many companies are actively involved in social projects right from the sourcing point. By taking such steps, the businesses demonstrate their desire to help create a society that is more environmentally and socially just. Terra Thread's backpack materials (organic cotton) are grown and sourced from rain-fed organic cotton farms in India. Along with keeping up with ethical principles and values throughout the supply chain operations, Terra Thread also supports Feeding America's Campaign To End Hunger in the US.

Closing Thoughts  

The market dynamics can become more just and cognizant of both humans and the natural world, but it must start with us making fair and conscious purchases. Beyond eco-friendly backpacks, what we have discussed applies to other sustainable products as well. So, whenever you're using your dollars, keep these principles in mind. Your purchasing decisions can make a greener, healthier future happen!

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