5 Organizations Fighting Plastic Pollution in 2022

Organizations Fighting Plastic Pollution in 2022

Plastics are everlasting; they do not disappear. This is one of the primary reasons why plastic pollution needs to be addressed. Plastic litter only degrades into smaller bits called microplastics, the repercussions of which are still being discovered. Every 60 seconds, the world consumes one million disposable plastic bottles. Meanwhile, the abuse of single-use plastic bags in one year amounts to up to 5 trillion. Half of all plastics worldwide fall under the single-use & discard category. 

Plastic pollution disproportionately hitting marginalized groups, UN environment report finds

Image by United Nations

Plastic garbage is now so pervasive in the global ecosystem that experts have posited it as a geological indicator of the Anthropocene epoch. To reverse this potential incoming destruction, the world needs every last contribution. Need helpful tips on reducing plastic? Check out our blog on how to help reduce plastic pollution.  

That said, here are five organizations around the world fighting relentlessly to keep the planet safe and protected for all to enjoy. 

Plastic Change is dedicated to reducing and ending single-use plastics. A Danish environmental organization guiding, advising and educating the people on how we can combat the plastic epidemic starting from our homes. 

City to Sea is a non-profit organization that works to reduce plastic pollution. They empower consumers and organizations of all walks of life by providing opportunities to make a difference- aligning human actions with the seas to bring about a substantial change. The organization performs community-serving campaigns to combat plastic pollution. They help, educate, and provide resources to minimize plastic every day. The organization also collaborates with businesses to assist communities in finding easy solutions to reduce plastic pollution.

Bureo is one innovative organization fighting plastic pollution by reusing ghost nets or forsaken fishing nets. An interesting and unique approach to combating the plastic crisis. Bureo collaborates with fishermen to retrieve abandoned nets from the ocean. After which, they repurpose them into plastic pellets to create incredible, high-quality products. While Bureo is popular for its iconic skateboards, the brand also collaborates with other organizations fighting for the same cause such as Patagonia and Costa Sunglasses to create a wide range of high-quality apparel and accessories. 


Image by Bureo

EXXpedition sends strong, determined women to embark on nautical adventures to explore the impact of microplastics and eliminate them. The organization strives with the belief that small efforts contribute to the major shift necessary to minimize plastics in our oceans. They advocate for the importance of everyone’s role in addressing plastic pollution. Exxpedition was established in 2014 and has completed expeditions all over the world. The organization continues to be a catalyst of Change by collaborating with communities and businesses for bringing about further effective plastic pollution solutions.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance is a non-profit organization promoting Ecobrick movements worldwide. An ecobrick is a plastic bottle that has been tightly packed with spent plastic to create a reusable building block. Ecobricks are extremely durable, making it ideal for building sustainable furniture, garden pots, small structures, and other constructions. The organization is run by a community of trainers who take initiatives to reduce global plastic consumption by promoting ecobrick movements all around the world. 

Support Brands Combating Plastic Pollution 

We have discussed these five incredible organizations doing amazing things to sequester plastic pollution. But when you think about the plastic waste generated by almost 8 billion people daily, it merely scratches the surface of possible solutions to the increasing crisis of plastic pollution. This means organizations and brands fighting plastic pollution need your help and support, no matter how big or small. 

Realizing their impact on the planet, many brands are beginning to devote their platform to raising awareness about plastic pollution and advocating for rebuilding our planet through sustainable offerings- whether by cutting down on plastic packaging, collaborating with non-profit organizations or using natural fibres to make their products. 

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