Best Retail Stores for Ethical & Sustainable Products

Retail Stores for Ethical & Sustainable Products

Different clothing brands address different concerns in the fashion industry. Some work on a single cause, others for multiple causes. Overall, it is admirable how so many companies advocate for ethical and sustainable retail practices. Both large and small businesses demonstrate the promise of sustainable apparel that both looks and feels good. But before we get to the brands waving the sustainability flag, let's talk about sustainable fabrics. 

What is an environmentally friendly fabric?

New fabrics have a detrimental influence on the environment regardless of their material. So, a sustainable or environmentally friendly fabric is one that has already been used. Fabrics manufactured with sustainable fibers are superior to those made with conventional fibers. They are safer for consumers and workers. Plus, waste generation is also lesser.

Are organic materials worth the dollars? 

We're all aware organic materials are costlier than commercially cultivated materials. But substantial benefits come with that additional expense that is well worth the upgrade. 

Organic crops are cultivated without dangerous agents such as pesticides and fertilizers which contain toxic compounds called carcinogens. These substances are highly toxic and harmful. Clearly, things do not look well with non-conventional fabrics. Wearing organic clothing also has several health advantages. The fabric is incredibly soft, long-lasting, breathable, kind on the skin, easy to clean, and shrinks very little.

Purchasing organic material may have a price gap, but greater money equates to higher quality in this scenario. Also, it reduces the need to purchase more as these items last for a long time. 

So, is it worth the extra dollars? We believe it is.

Here are ten fashion retail brands that are leading the way in terms of sustainability. 

DoneGood advocates for assimilating the purchasing power to put to good use for people and the environment. They use their platform to help consumers discover ethical brands by proactively gathering data from ethical certifiers such as Fair Trade and B Lab. Working with hundreds of ethical brands, the brand has, so far, helped reroute over $1.75 million of consumer expenditure to conscious brands. DoneGood truly is, as Forbes put it, the Amazon of social good. 


Image via DoneGood

BLK + GRN helps black women celebrate wellness while supporting black-owned businesses and solving global supply chain inequities. Founded by Dr. Kristian Edwards, the e-commerce platform "... connects Black people with natural lifestyles to high-quality, toxic-free brands that share in our mission of health, wellness and community cultivation." BLK + GRN has over 70 Black artisans from across the world offering all-natural products— from organic beauty and health to home furnishings and gifts items. The company stands as a platform to empower consumers in choosing healthier solutions for personal and household uses.


Image via BLK + GRN

Ten Thousand Villages assists consumers in discovering exceptional delights from across the globe. Founded in 1946, this non-profit social organization offers products from small-scale artisan communities through its online and retail outlets. The ultimate shopping spot for household goods, gifts, accessories, jewelry, etc. Ten Thousand Villages promotes artisans' work by providing fair salaries and a platform for their products. Ten Thousand Villages works with nearly 20,000 craftspeople in 30 different developing countries. The organization largely supports female artisan groups and other underprivileged populations who are frequently left out of the global marketplace. They provide the artisans a medium to demonstrate their craftsmanship and creative works through fair income.

Ten Thousand Villages

Image via Ten Thousand Villages

REI's fight against climate change and increased sustainability are intensifying. Not only do they 'green' their production operations and distribution networks but also make it mandatory for the brands they carry to do the same. REI has skyrocketed the sustainable standard in the outdoor clothing niche, which is fast being embraced by many brands. Their retail platform makes it easier for consumers to acquire environmentally friendly goods— simply typing out "Fair Trade," on their website will open up the gateway to a generous assortment of ethical brands and products. This seamless filtering process improves the shopping experience, resulting in increased consumption of sustainable products. 


Image via REI

GALERIE.LA is an online retail platform that makes buying sustainable and environment-friendly products simple. They use their platform to help consumers find sustainable apparel and accessories from global brands. The company is dedicated to finding the most exciting designers who employ sustainable manufacturing processes to lower their carbon impact while following the appropriate ethical business policies to help the planet. GALERIE.LA works together as a community to develop a system dedicated to the best ranks of eco-fashion.


Image via GALERIE.LA 

Accompany offers and manufactures environmentally beneficial products. It is a recognized B Corp with a mission to do more good rather than less damage. They work with craftspeople from more than 40 countries to market elegant, sustainable products to aware shoppers. The organization facilitates a one-stop location for customers where fashion aesthetics and quality are in sync with social and environmental standards. Accompany is committed to uplifting the marginalized groups by providing jobs for low-wage craftspeople and offering above-average compensation.


Image via Accompany

Verishop is a fantastic place to go shopping and learn about the latest sustainability brands and trends. It empowers consumers and enables them to purchase more ethical products. The brand has also started planting one tree for every transaction to offset its shipping emissions since 2020. One can find a wide range of sustainable collections, from clean beauty, eco-friendly apparel, to fair trade home items and cruelty-free cosmetics. Verishop's The Responsible Shop is the top-class platform to find eco-friendly items to live a sustainable lifestyle.

P.S. Terra Thread's products are available on Verishop

laptop sleeve 13 inch
Terra Thread's laptop sleeve 13 inch

Fair Trade Winds is committed to long-term sustainability. A champion in the fair trade movement, scouting for businesses combating mass-produced fast fashion. They enable small-scale craftspeople to make goods that benefit the environment and farmers. Fair Trade Winds reduces its carbon footprint through sustainable materials and small-scale production. The brand retails a diverse range of fair trade items, dedicated to offering the highest-quality ethical goods accessible.

Fair Trade Winds

Image via Fair Trade Winds

Petit Vour handpicks the finest vegan fashion, cosmetics, and homewares. The marketplace, which sells only the best non-toxic, vegan beauty products, even offers a cruelty-free Beauty Box subscription to help you find items that align with your principles. Petit Vour is truly one impressive brand that cannot be easily replicated. 


Image via PETIT VOUR

Final Thoughts 

Consumer experience that is tailored to our needs is what all of us deserve. You want items you're pleased to use in your homes, on your bodies, and to share with your families and friends— one you're happy with and proud of. We at Terra Thread refuse to compromise on our purpose— we keep trying to offer the highest quality of eco-friendly products while doing what is right for the planet. Check out what we are proud to offer here

eco friendly toiletries bag

eco friendly toiletries bag

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