Sustainable gifts for recent grads

Sustainable gifts for recent grads

These conscious, sustainable graduation gift ideas are ideal for congratulating any milestone in life.

They've put in a lot of effort, and now the ultimate moment has arrived— graduation! It's an opportunity to let them know you're proud of their accomplishment. The best graduation gifts are the ones that can assist the young grads in moving forward with either academic or business careers. We've listed five thoughtful, eco-friendly graduation gifts that can help them grow as they transition into the next stages of their lives.  

Eco-Friendly Graduation Gifts

Travel isn't always a green activity, but some choices can minimize the impact. And this ​​canvas duffle bag a stylish, spacious, and practical bag, is just the perfect item for that. Long zipper double-sided pulls, an inside hanging pocket, and a front pocket are among the features of the carry-on. Terra Thread's sustainable duffle bags are made of 14 oz Fair Trade certified organic cotton canvas for excellent performance. Bumi Eco Duffel Bag is the ideal gift for recent grads who are more likely to travel.

gym duffle bag

  • Gift Card | To Their Favorite Restaurant(s)

Sometimes we feel nervous that the recipient may not like our gifts - one can never be certain that it is exactly what one dreams of receiving. Gifting something the recipient won't like is pointless. But there is a way to avoid making poor gift choices, and that is by giving a gift that cannot go wrong— restaurant gift cards. Outings to grab food with friends or even new colleagues at their favorite restaurant can turn into an amazing experience! 

A comfortable tote bag for work from Terra Thread is an ultra-lightweight work essential that is designed to satisfy a new work life. It is geared for daily challenges— from commuting hustle to carrying office supplies and things in between. Executive Work Tote Bag is as effortless and versatile as they come— one can take it to the supermarket straight from work to fit all you need inside. It has a clean aesthetic and is highly functional, attributable to a generously sized interior and multiple pockets to fit a laptop, water bottle, lunch boxes and more!

Looking for something smaller? Take a look at our mini backpacks. 

cute mini backpacks

  • Magazine Subscription 

Magazine subscriptions can be a thoughtful gift if done right- it is one of those things most people don't think of getting for themselves. There are different types of subscriptions for both educational and entertainment pleasures that recent graduates (and everyone) can enjoy. While the exact choice of subscription is up to you and how well you know the recipient, here are some of our recommendations— 

The recent pandemic outburst has fractured the good old days, forcing us to live the new normal. It has been hard on everyone, and we're sure college students did not have it easy as well—the stress of the pandemic, managing schoolwork, and personal responsibilities. A calm and stress-free mind is what they deserve to start their new journey, perhaps transitioning to full-time work. A meditation and mindfulness app subscription as a gift is a genuinely thoughtful gift because regular meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to alleviate tension and stress. It also aids in consciousness, relieves emotional whirlwinds, and facilitates coping better with stressful events.

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