How to pack CARRY ON only for Summer Travels

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The best perk of bringing just a carry-on during flight travel is skipping the long bag check-in and baggage claim queues. However, there may be a challenge when it comes to traveling with just a carry - fitting your travel items (clothes, shoes, toiletries & more) into a smaller bag. So, how do you pack all you need for a week or two's summer travels in smaller luggage to avoid the baggage carousel headache?

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Below are some suggestions for traveling this summer with just a carry-on!

  • A practical packing list

A short and fun vacation does not require multiple outfits. Resist the impulse to stuff your carry-on. We all have packed three (or more!) t-shirts for a short trip, thinking we will be using all three but realizing that we only needed that one t-shirt during the trip. Sort your priorities and take what you need only. Try putting on the bulkiest apparel as your airport outfit. Wearing your heaviest clothing and shoes when flying will release more space in your carry-on for other essentials.

  • Give packing cubes/pouches a try 

Packing cubes can be very helpful in a carry-on as these small pouches are a space- and organization-saving tool. Don't run to the store to buy the packing cubes just yet! Totes and even soft pouches like toiletries travel bag will serve as packing cubes. Roll your garments neatly (laying them flat takes up more space) and place them in the cubes for a more compact packing, better fitting, and minimum clothing creases.

  • The Ideal Carry-On 

The right or wrong carry-on can compromise the packing capacity. If you're taking just a carry-on with you, you want to make sure it is easy to transport and doesn't weigh you down. This is where you want to consider sustainable backpack. Backpacks made of organic cotton are lightweight, sturdy, and more convenient to bring with you when you're exploring the markets, islands, or other bustling centers of the destination. These versatile bags are also compressible, allowing you to make use of the entire space. Of course, this doesn't mean packing more than the backpack can accommodate. Overfilling can hamper any bag, mainly the zipper. Aside from backpacks, duffle bags are another option. They can be larger than backpacks but stress the body less and keep the belongings organized. In the end, the type of bag you pick is entirely up to you and the airline. But whatever you choose, go for the ones that are comfortable to carry around. Heavy carry-ons can consume a significant portion of the weight limit, leaving you with lesser kilos for packing your personal items. Having a backpack or a duffle as a carry one bag is a good combination. 

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  • Carry your toiletries in small amount

Just like extra t-shirts we carry for trips, most of us have carried full-size skin care items in our luggage. Instead, try to use reusable travel-size bottles to save space and also because you can carry them in your carry-on. If you have a small empty hand sanitizer bottle, clean it and use it as a bottle for your lotion. If you are staying in a hotel and are comfortable, ditch certain essentials such as body cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, as most hotels provide them. This will release space for packing things the hotels don't provide— sunscreen, cologne, medicines, etc. Travel makeup bag allows you to make the most of a bag while still accommodating all the items on the list.

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  • Rolling Technique

The age-old question of whether to roll or fold your clothes— we say rolling. Rolling instead of folding is a brilliant way to create extra room. You can fit rolled tank tops or other lightweight items between bulkier items like jeans or trousers. A smart way to maximize the storage capacity. To put it simply, rolling is the key when it comes to traveling with a carry-on bag. Choosing to roll clothes like t-shirts and hoodies also eliminates the annoying pleats and lines that come with folding. 

  • Don't leave any gaps

Make use of all the little gaps and holes. If you see any room, even the tiniest, utilize it for the items you need, like socks and undergarments. If you're carrying shoes, you can put the little things inside your shoes to make use of every gap.

The secret to packing efficiently is realizing that you require fewer items than you believe. Happy Travels!

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