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How to pack CARRY ON only for Summer Travels

Lugging heavy suitcases around during a well-deserved holiday isn't enjoyable. It can be a two-day or two-week trip, yet bulky luggage is still unpleasant. Practicing the art of packing light will make the journey less stressful while preventing ridiculous airline baggage surcharges. Carry-on bags also save time by eliminating the hurdle of the longest (or seems to be) wait at the slowest baggage carousel. Meaning- the moment you get off the aircraft, your vacation begins. 

While it may appear unrealistic to cram enough supply for summer travel into a carry-on case, it is quite possible.

We've put together a packing list to help you glide throughout your adventures while saving money on baggage fees.

Save the dollars for all the attractions your destination has to offer! Let's go!

  • A Practical Packing List

It is reasonable to want to pack the essentials when preparing for the much-awaited vacation. But being practical about what you undoubtedly need to bring with you is key to packing a carry-on bag. There's no need to pack 5 pairs of shoes to go with a daily outfit change. We also don't have to change our clotting items day in and day out. Carry one pair of jeans (or two if you're always in denim bottoms) and a couple of lightweight tops to switch. Or any other clothing staple that you wear most of the time. Meanwhile, keep the shoe limit to two, including the one you'll be wearing to the airport. Keep in mind that shoes can be the heaviest and occupy the most room. 

  • Mind The Bag Size 

Making sure your bags fit in the overhead cabin or under the seat is an important part of traveling with a carry-on. You want your handbag to fit under the seat and the carry-on in the overhead compartment. A useful tip is to familiarize yourself with the airline's bag size guidelines beforehand. If the size is too big, you may have to put it as a check-in bag which destroys the whole idea of traveling free of airport transactions. Size restrictions differ from airline to airline— double-check with guidelines to ensure your bag fits. 

  • The Ideal Carry-On 

All carry-on bags do not offer the same performance— we, sometimes, disregard functionalities and carry just about any smaller-sized bag. This can compromise the packing capacity. If you're taking just a carry-on, you want to make sure it is both easy to transport and doesn't weigh you down. This is where you want to consider backpacks sustainable. Backpacks made of organic cotton are lightweight, sturdy, and more convenient to bring with you when you're exploring the markets, islands, or other bustling centers of the destination. These versatile bags are also compressible, allowing you to make use of the entire space. Of course, this doesn't mean packing more than the backpack can accommodate. Overfilling can hamper any bag, mainly the zipper. Aside from backpacks, duffle bags are another option. They can be larger than backpacks but stress the body less and keep the belongings organized. In the end, the type of bag you pick is entirely up to you. But whatever you choose, go for the ones that are comfortable to carry around. Heavy carry-ons can consume a significant portion of the weight limit, leaving you with lesser kilos for packing your personal items. Having a backpack or a duffle as a carry one bag is a good combination. 

black duffle bag

  • Cosmetic Organizers

Including pouches for organizing the belongings in a bag is a game-changer, especially if you're making the trip with only a carry-on. Soft pouches can save ample space. Travel makeup bag allows you to make the most of a bag while still accommodating all the items on the list.

makeup bag

  • Rolling Technique

The age-old question of whether to roll or fold your clothes— we say rolling. Rolling instead of folding is a brilliant way to create extra room. You can fit rolled tank tops or other lightweight items between bulkier items like jeans or trousers. A smart way to maximize the storage capacity. To put it simply, rolling is the key when it comes to traveling with a carry-on bag. Choosing to roll clothes like t-shirts and hoodies also eliminates the annoying pleats and lines that come with folding. 

  • Carrying Toiletries

Carry your toiletries in travel-size bottles to save space— a full-size bottle in a carry-on bag is not allowed anyway. You can also lose your precious skincare products at the airport checkpoint bins, and no one wants that. If possible, ditch certain essentials such as body cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, as most hotels provide them. This will release space for packing things the hotels don't provide— sunscreen, cologne, medicines, etc. 

No hauling bulky suitcases and baggage claims, only experiences and making memories— the advantages of traveling with a carry-on bag are well justified. Simply follow the packing tips and tricks we've shared, and you'll see a carry-on is truly all you'll need for lightweight, breezy summer travels! 

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