New Year Resolutions For The Greater Good

New Year Resolution

Human conducts has left this crumbling boulder of a planet we name Home unhappy with apprehensions—

Our precious Earth is highly dynamic, and the whole species of plants & animals are becoming extinct without humans having a chance to appreciate them. We’ve invited industrial pollutants to invade the air, water bodies, food, medications, furnishings, textiles, businesses, and houses. Natural resources such as fresh water, fertile land, and forests are becoming depleted, destroyed, or harder to come by as a result of ever-growing consumer demands.

The year 2020 passed in a blink then roughly two more months, and it’s adios 2021!

Perhaps you completed most of what you set out to do this year. Or, maybe you haven’t/ didn’t go/gone through with it all? Either way now would be the moment to submit to a fresh set of resolutions that will empower you to have a resourceful and revitalizing 2022.

As conscious global citizens, we must desire to make a difference that fosters positive changes. As they say, changing the world starts with one person— each time you make a difference, you create a chain reaction that positively affects the lives of future generations.

To reach our vision of a borderless world, one that is free from the chains of extreme poverty, weather calamities, and other socio-environmental issues, we need to make 2022 even grander. 

  • Pledge To Vote Informedly

Vote, but as an aware voter— educate yourself on the societal challenges and the candidates running for elections.

Are the leaders in your local neighborhood addressing climate change action as urgently as the general public? When campaign season arrives, have a good awareness of the ongoing community problems and the candidates who want your vote. Voting is a fundamental opportunity to bring changes— but you won't be able to exercise your authority effectively unless you’re fully informed. Plan ahead of time to research how a vote in any single angle means for you and your community members.

Your vote can drive high-level actions---

Become a member of a climate activist organization to encourage collective, mass movement. Changes at the government level can only be made if we, the citizens, demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and empowerment. Research, educate yourself on global issues, discuss, read, and finally, make doubly sure you get out there and vote when it's your turn— the government impacts your life, and your vote makes a difference!

  • Consume Ethically

Among the most significant New Year's Resolutions for most people is to eat healthy. We commit to changing our eating habits, only to find ourselves running in a circle year after year (of course, there are exceptions). So this year, why not stay true to it? Challenge yourself to eat more responsibly.

How to go about ethical eating?

To begin with, shop for products that are manufactured according to fair labor standards. This implies everything— from the smallest edible to the largest. Look for the Fairtrade label on a product. If you’re not sure, do your research about the ethical manufactures committed to sustainability. And wherever possible buy locally or organically grown produce.

Speaking of ‘possible’— restrict your meat consumption if at all possible. The cattle sector is a huge cause of pollution, and most traditional livestock are reared cruelly. If you consume meat every now and then, buy from local vendors who practice regenerative livestock farming. Ethical eating will not only  establish healthier consumption habits but also induce a sense of belonging to the community.

  • Donate More Efficiently

Charitable contributions are an excellent means to support numerous organizations all across the world fighting against hunger, diseases, and poverty. Commit to being efficient as possible when donating to your choice of organization in 2022. Do your homework— find out which charity/ non-profit organizations are making a real difference in the world. You can support them in their quest to make the world a better place by donating your dollars.

  • Done And Dust The Single-Use Plastic Bags

The world uses 160,000 plastic bags per second— just for about 12 minutes on average. That’s 100 million tons or more of plastic trash in one year. In the meantime, plastics have a landfill lifespan of around 1,000 years, which is highly problematic for the world.

So what can you do about it in 2022? Commit to carrying reusable cotton tote. Really— it’s as simple as that! As part of your New Year’s resolutions, you can also challenge yourself to go a day without plastic and then eventually increase the days. While it can be tough to suddenly ditch the single-use plastics we are accustomed to for most of our lives, taking such drastic steps opens our eyes to the severity of the plastic crisis. The biggest takeaway is that once we eventually start living our days without single-use plastics, we begin to understand how we can, once and for all, stop them from playing any part in our lives.

  • Put Fast Fashion To Rest

We buy fast fashion clothes significantly more than we need (and use), only to discard them. Every year, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste gets generated— comparable to a garbage truck filled with garments ending up in landfills per second.

In this coming new year, resolve not to buy or buy into fast fashion. Alternatively, consider sustainably made textile products including organic cotton canvas backpack, bed sheets, t-shirts and more. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and safer for the health— free of chemicals and pesticides. This also helps prevent perfectly wonderful apparel from ending up in landfills. The fast fashion industry is extremely polluted, resource-intensive, unsustainable, and inequitable— take a vow to make your new year free of fast fashion.

  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint

We need to proactively combat the repercussions of climate change. Living on the hopes that leaders will take action to fight the climate issues is not enough to reverse climate change. We, as responsible citizens, should do it for ourselves by committing to reduce our carbon footprint in 2022. And you can start with reducing meat consumption, walking and biking, taking public transit when possible, and making an effort to live and consume the minimalist way in every part of our lives.


You don't necessarily have to take a worldwide approach when deciding how to leave a positive mark in the world. Every little effort you undertake contributes greatly to long-term changes. The most important resolution you can adopt in the new year is striving to take conscious decisions— decisions that serve the greater good.

Remember that every significant change starts with a little individual effort. Never discount your power as a global citizen— harness it to help the world transform visions into reality in 2022!

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