How to celebrate Earth Day this year and beyond?

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, as an initiative to emphasize the necessity of enacting transformation and supporting the fight for the environment. We want to commemorate Earth Day, spread awareness, and make a positive impact, given that the purpose is resonating more than ever now.

Earth Day has transformed from a one-time annual event to a roaring international movement in just 53 years. What started in the US with 20 million Americans to honor the environmental movement has today enabled over a billion individuals to comprehend, preserve, and enhance the natural world more fully.

We'd want to continue the same dynamism and spirit today by going over a few ways how we can effectively manage resources and help mother earth.

Here are some powerful and rewarding things to do this Earth Day and beyond:

  • Plant trees to restore biodiversity 
  • Organize clothing swaps
  • Make a sustainable promise to Earth
  • Recycle and recycle right
  • Give locally-produced food a try
  • Organize a cleanup
  • Go car-free 
  • Get in touch with local activists 
  • Breakup with single-use food disposables
  • Call your representatives and favorite brands

Let's dive!

  • Plant Trees To Restore Biodiversity 

Increasing the number of trees on the Earth is a doable activity to promote sustainability.

Plant Trees To Restore Biodiversity

It can be planting a couple of trees in your backyard or cooperating with the community to beautify the parks and streets. If it is not feasible to plant a tree, find out if there are any tree-planting events nearest to your community.

  • Organize Clothing Swaps

Sustainability is beyond caring for the natural world. It also includes our daily lifestyle choices, including what we print into our home. The clothes we buy can gravely impact the socio-environmental systems.

Organize Clothing Swaps

Even with the shipping and aviation industries put together, the fashion industry's energy consumption remains higher. In light of this, it is crucial to be careful of how we traffic fashion items. The best way to make sure your garments do not contribute negatively to the environment is to increase their service life. You can also host a clothing swap party, this will not only promote recycling and reusing clothes but also refresh your closet without actually having to buy new ones.

  • Make a promise to Earth

Take Earth Day pledges for a more personal and meaningful way to observe the holiday. You can make small commitments to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle that promotes sustainability and environmental preservation. Examples include continuously participating in beach cleanups, composting, improving water usage at home, etc.

  • Recycle and Recycle Right

If recycling is not done right, it will slow down the process, increase recycling costs, damage the sorting machines and make entire batches unusable. For example, you may toss pizza boxes, take-out containers, or paper napkins/plates because you see the recycling okay symbol.

Recycle and Recycle Right

But if these products have grease, oil, or small food chunks, it becomes impossible to recycle them. Instead, if they're made of just paper, try composting those boxes.

  • Try purchasing locally-produced food

Help lessen the carbon footprint produced when goods are transported across large distances by buying locally sourced food. A terrific additional benefit is, you'll be helping local producers grow and increase the demand for organic produce.

  • Organize a Cleanup

Earth Day serves as a reminder to pay tribute to our local environments. Participate in the nearby cleanups- beaches, lakes, ponds, local parks, or hiking trails. If there is already not one, gather your friends, family and neighbors and organize one. Have everyone bring a reusable bag to sort the trash from the recyclables when the cleanup is done. Make the cleanup fun by distributing environmentally friendly prizes for the team that picks the most garbage. The cleanup will be a great way to give back to your community while also spreading awareness about waste management.

  • Go Car-Free 

More than 12 billion tonnes of CO2 are discharged into the air annually. And, vehicles are notorious contributors to this mess— greenhouse gas emissions owing to fuel combustion. The toxic gasses choke the street air and pose serious health risks.

Go Car-Free

Plus, driving a car also depletes our finite natural resources. Walking and biking as a way to celebrate Earth Day won't just help conserve energy but also contribute to your physical health. If the distance is impossible to bike or walk, you can use public transportation to get around. Carpooling with coworkers, friends, or neighbors can be a great energy and money saver!

  • Get in touch With Green Activists 

The pathway to environmental activism is neither easy nor short. Attend Earth Day festivals where you can meet and connect other activists. It will make you feel better knowing this is not a solo fight and help pick up speed for making environmentally friendly improvements in your neighborhood. Ask around, drop a message in community social media groups, or inquire with the sustainability committee to find out what's going on in your neighborhood. You can also sign up for other/ future community volunteer programs to keep the good deed going beyond earth day. Given that we are stronger together, keep in touch with the newly-made eco-conscious friends to make a stronger difference down the road.

  • Breakup with Single-Use Food Disposables

About 5 trillion pieces of plastic cause mayhem in our waters, with at least 14 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean annually. Plastic accounts for about 80% percent of marine pollution, from the ocean surface to the floor. And, a significant portion of it comes from disposable cutlery, wrappers, and other single-use plastic packaging.

Breakup with Single-Use Food Disposables

Bring the food in reusable containers if you plan to do a nature picnic this Earth Day with family and friends. Carry reusable cutleries, cups, and cloth napkins. If you are doing take-outs instead of home cooking, make sure to mention to the delivery service provider that you don't want the disposables. Less than 9% of plastic packaging is recycled in the United States— let's help change that by saying no to single-use food disposables.

  • Call your representatives and favorite brands

Think of the impact if every city in the US decides to say no to single-use plastic? If your city or even the state has not already banned single-use plastic, now is the right time to do so. Call your local representative and ask them about their goals on how to combat the severe threat our environment is facing. California has banned single-use plastic at grocery stores, but the city of Santa Barbara has gone even further- it prohibits food and beverage providers from using plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery.

Don't stop there! Call your favorite brands and ask them about their goals too! Are they using natural materials instead of fossil fuel based materials? If not, do they plan to use it anytime soon? What efforts are they taking to reduce plastic from their entire supply chain? If you are still getting items from your favorite brands in tons of plastic, it may be time to break up with them.


Earth Day is the perfect occasion for us to pause and appreciate the blessings the environment continues to give us. It is an incredible opportunity to appreciate the world we live in and discover improved and sustainable methods to flourish our present and future. At Terra Thread, we are committed to respecting Earth. Our products are made with rain-fed organic cotton, not fossil fuel-based polyester or nylon. When you purchase sustainable backpacks or any items from Terra Thread, we ship them without unnecessary packaging.

When it comes to reducing your carbon impact, modest changes can make a big difference. You can show your love and respect for our beautiful biodiversity by participating in Earth Month and beyond by taking impactful actions. 

Make the most of these tips, advice, and suggestions for celebrating a memorable Earth Day!


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