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MacBook Air Sleeves

Laptops do not come cheap— and now that most of us work remotely or attend classes online, we need to protect our laptops from possible mishaps like liquid spills, drops, and dust. Laptop sleeves come in various styles and sizes. Some are strong, made out of durable materials, while others are simple zippered bags made of water-resistant materials like nylon or neoprene. 

Laptop Sleeve: How Does it Work

The traditional laptop bag is an essential piece of equipment that performs both practical and stylistic functions. Once you've completed the large investment of purchasing a laptop, it's critical to protect and incentivize its endurance. If you were to think of sleeves as an insurance policy, you'll realize how important it is to choose laptop sleeves that are sturdy and long-lasting. But before purchasing a protective laptop case, there are several things to consider such as style and functionality. Don’t simply go out and buy a bag that meets your style, think about what you want to get out of it. Do you plan to use it for work, online classes, personal time, or perhaps for multi-purpose activities? Given that we carry our laptops practically wherever we go, a high-quality laptop bag that is stylish yet practical for both business and pleasure is a brilliant choice to consider. So, how do you go about selecting the best laptop bag? What should you look for in a laptop sleeve? Let’s talk.

  • The Right Fit

The most obvious feature to look for in a laptop sleeve is the size— will it perfectly accommodate your 13-inch MacBook Air? Is the laptop sleeve large enough to hold your 15-inch laptop? Shopping for laptop sleeves online that have the size and model mentioned is ideal. But if you’re going shopping the traditional way, you want to bring your laptop along to check the fit. Investing in a laptop bag that perfectly fits your laptop is essential— a wrong size would waste your time (every day), trying to shove and squirm your MacBook Air into the pocket.

  • Generous Storage Capacity

Laptop sleeves with pockets and additional compartments hold other items including pens, USBs, chargers, etc. This protects your laptop from scuffs and bangs. Plus, your other belongings are also safe from being damaged from the weight of the laptop.

  • Excellent Quality

The importance of durable fabric cannot be taken for granted. A laptop is an everyday essential, and the bag is meant to protect it. You want to choose a fabric that has the right quality and is durable. The same goes for zippers— high quality zippers keep your laptop safe in the bag— a substandard zipper jeopardizes the bag’s utility. While at it, you also want to go for lead-free metal zippers. They are safe and do not contain toxic lead elements which are harmful to the health. To further protect the laptop, also consider laptop sleeves that have an inner lining for extra padding.

  • Representing Your Individuality

Decide whether you want a relaxed or a sleek professional appearance. It’s important to like what you purchase because you'll be lugging it with you wherever you go— consider the ones you'll love carrying around while also serving its purpose.

Is It Necessary To Invest In A Laptop Sleeve?

Are laptop sleeves useful? Is a MacBook sleeve necessary? Should I buy a sleeve for my MacBook? — allow us to address these concerns.

Keeping your Macbook Air protected inside the safety of the sleeve is beyond aesthetics— no one wants their MacBook Air to get scratched. If a laptop drops hard enough, the internal hardware or charging ports can be damaged, prompting the purchase of a new set. And the cost? Almost certainly incomparable to the price of any MacBook Air sleeves in the market. So yes, a laptop sleeve is necessary for genuinely protecting your laptop. It is even more important if you are a frequent traveler— laptop sleeves protect your laptop from careless bumps and scratches, which are potential risks amidst the airport rush or even daily office commuting hassle.

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What Is The Price Of A Laptop Sleeve?

Terra Thread’s organic cotton laptop sleeves range between $34.00 to $39.00— beyond the cost, we’re dedicated to offering the finest eco-friendly laptop sleeves made with Fairtrade organic cotton. All of our products are carbon neutral, and we also support Feeding America in their mission to end hunger poverty by donating meals for every product we sell. 

Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Laptop Sleeves

  • Multi-Functional

Terra Thread’s laptop sleeves house one main compartment (for the laptop) and an additional outer pocket to keep the accessories organized. The laptop sleeves are made of organic cotton canvas, lead free metal zippers are used and they have an inner lining, offering excellent durability. Our laptop sleeves come in 13-inch & 15-inch sizes— the best MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sleeves (or a larger windows laptop for that matter).

  • Compact Design

A sleek design is an asset when it comes to compact storage— it reduces the weight of your laptop. Well, of course, not the actual physical weight, but the inner lining made of 100% organic cotton for extra padding makes the laptop light to carry around. This makes not just carrying MacBook Air but even a heavier 15-inch laptop a breeze!

  • Sustainable Packaging:

Terra Thread products are shipped plastic free or any other packaging material. As a brand that is committed to providing the best sustainable products, we do not use any unnecessary packaging. The US is already the largest generator of plastic waste in the world— we’d hate to add to that mess.

At the end of the day, it’s no brainer that laptop sleeves provide additional protection for your device, which helps in sustaining the laptop’s beauty and durability— you need one.

Also, let’s be honest, laptop sleeves are also super fun to carry!

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