Supporting Black Communities Beyond Black History Month

Supporting Black Communities Beyond Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and the 2023 theme is "Black Resistance." Every February we get a chance to honor and raise awareness of the profound achievements made by the Black community throughout history. Although February provides a special opportunity to focus on the dynamism, strength, and resiliency of black lives and culture, Black accomplishments are ones to be honored beyond the month of February.

support black communities beyond black history month

Here are five ways you can celebrate and support Black communities year-round.

  • Commemorate Black history and culture 

Dig deep to learn about great black leaders of the past and the present in your town. Local museums and historical societies are great places to get insights into accomplishments made by the black lives in your community. Educate yourself on the achievements of African Americans in various fields, including science, engineering, art, music, and literature. Learn about the impact that black history has had on your present and share it with others, and continue to value it.

  • Support Black-owned businesses 

Support your neighborhood Black-owned businesses. Visit their stores or place online orders. If you don't have the finance to frequently purchase the products and services, you can also promote them on social media or leave good e-reviews. Positive reinforcement and word-of-mouth can make a significant contribution to uplifting black communities.

  • History lessons on overlooked heroes 

Celebrate the accomplishments of the black community, especially the unsung leaders who are frequently overlooked. Unearthing buried stories may require time and dedication, but you will get a truer picture of the past, and learn about the black historical heroes who silently made formidable impacts.

  • Honor black literature 

Literature is the written transmission of knowledge gained through experience that exposes us to the failures and accomplishments of others. Underrepresented populations must take charge of their tales and experiences through literature. However, black authors aren't often widely recognized as much as white authors. To show your support, you can add works by black authors to your book collection, or even sign up for a subscription service that supports black literature.

  • Donate to credible black NGOs 

Black people's right to equality under the law is a cause for which racial justice campaigners fight year-round. Several charitable organizations aim to improve the opportunities and prosperity of the black community, from spotlighting police brutality to eradicating poverty and more. You can either make a monetary or time donation to show your support to organizations fighting the good fight, such as Black Lives MatterNAACPTrans Women of Color CollectiveCampaign Zero, etc.

  • Taking actions that make a difference  

Supporting Black communities in any way you can conveys a strong message that you appreciate them, care about them, and stand with them. Beyond February is an opportunity to recognize Black accomplishments, serve as a fresh reminder to assess the areas where systematic racism still exists, and raise awareness of the people and groups driving change.

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