3 Sustainable Games to Play this Summer

3 Sustainable Games to Play this Summer

The era of modernity has made our lives easier in many ways. Communication, travel, and almost every aspect of our lives are more convenient than ever. But the downside is the addiction to electronic gadgets— faces constantly buried in digital screens.

Every once in a while, making time for physical conversation and interaction with loved ones helps refresh the digitalized scenario. And one of the best ways to do so is by bonding over eco-friendly games—sustainable and environmentally friendly fun activities. 

With a variety of board games made of eco-friendly materials available, you can have lots of green fun- we have a list of eco-friendly games for both children and adults. 

Here are five fun AND sustainable games for family and friends' game night. You'll have an awesome time!  

BIOVIVA is a fun, unique, and educational board game that offers impressive facts and knowledge. You will be exploring the globe, learning about the amazing history of our planet earth. This eco-friendly board game lends hours of fun by sending the players on an amazing journey. Bring out the strategic thinker in you to find intriguing answers to fascinating questions. 

This fantastic game mimics Leonardo da Vinci's brilliant creations. It necessitates a focus and understanding of 3D structures, which helps activate thinking and creativity. Particularly the little ones. Watch your kids build domes, buildings, and bridges with colorful wooden sticks, without screws or glue. A terrific physics game to interact with them, while simultaneously testing their imagination and understanding of physical principles. Indoor or outer, rainy or sunny, this game is a sure winner in terms of games that are fun and educational! 

Outdoor activities are great for releasing stress and anxiety and also help boost physical and mental health. Whether a backyard barbecue or picnic in the open, a giant set of dice ensures a fun family time. Plus, outdoor environments also allow us to connect with nature. This sustainable game is fantastic for the entire family to participate in! 


We must work towards reducing our household's environmental impact by taking little steps that allow us to treat our natural surroundings better. Making small changes like switching to sustainable game nights endures over time, and eventually becomes our routine. Meanwhile, eliminating the need to buy plastic entertainment. 

Putting effort is not for overnight transformations or drastic lifestyle changes. Likewise, bonding over old-school board games doesn't mean completely giving up technology. Rather, it's about cutting back on our digital consumption and spending quality family time. Electronic devices emit around 3.7% of the global GHGs emissions annually, about 14 ounces of carbon dioxide per person. Playing sustainable games at home over drowning in iPhones or MacBooks would help make precious lifetime memories and help mitigate climate change.

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