Sustainability Tips for Spring

Sustainability Tips for Spring

Winter in most regions of the United States is associated with snow and landscapes that are far from colorful. But this month, many people's favorite season, spring, starts! 

Vibrant colors spring up across sceneries as flowers emerge back from their hideouts. Trees come out of their hibernation after sustaining the snowy weather in their resting phase, providing us with indescribably beautiful greens and flowers of pink, violet, red, orange, and more. Many of our favorite fruits and vegetables also flourish in the spring and are full of flavor. 

All of these make spring an excellent season to "go sustainable" and make the switch to a more organic living. Check out these eco-friendly, health-promoting, and money-saving tips for a green spring in 2022. 

  • Enjoy Organic Produce

Enjoy Organic Produce

Spring and summer seasons offer a bounty of delicious fruits and fresh vegetables. Enjoy the blessings and allow the plethora of vital nutrients to nourish your health. You can visit the nearest farmer's market where you'll find delectable greens and fruits that are locally sourced, free of toxins and harmful substances. 

  • Start a Gardening Project

Start a Gardening Project

Maybe you have been wanting to start a garden or perhaps you already have one. Regardless, embrace the gravitational attraction of sunny, bubbling spring sunshine and groom/ start a garden of your liking. Plant flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, pull out the weeds, etc— there are many things you can do! 

  • Walk More Drive Less 

Walk More Drive Less

Is the weather during spring just perfectly lovely to walk? It's a great time to walk to all the nearby destinations. If walking is not possible for the place you're heading, instead of driving, take a bike. Vehicles are not good for the environment, they are one of the heaviest pollution contributors. And not to mention, the headache of traffic. Riding a bike is not only an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but it can also take you places faster (during rush hours). Then there's the obvious advantage of keeping yourself fit and spending time with nature. It's a definite plus point. 

  • Revisit Household Activities 

Revisit Household Activities

Spring means cozier and warmer days. As the frosting wind departs and the temperature gets nicer, you want to keep the lights and heater off as much as possible. While the weather may vary based on your location, save energy wherever you can. Monitoring your energy usage during spring is not only the ideal solution to grow your environmentally friendly practices but to save your dollars as well. 

  • Reuse and Recycle

Reuse and Recycle

Make a recycling plan and commit to it. Recycling has environmental advantages and has the potential to minimize carbon output. According to a recent study, it withdrew 32% of waste from landfills in the United States. Recycling is one of the simplest eco-friendly actions to lessen the use of virgin materials, which automatically lessens carbon emissions. We tell you— once you embrace the value of recycling, you can't even fathom returning to your old unsustainable lifestyle.

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  • Cut Out Single-Use Plastic Bags

Cut Out Single-Use Plastic Bags

One of the best and most important things you can do this spring is bring your grocery bags. Plastic bags irritate us— listen up, plastics are indestructible, increase waste, and kill the environment. Switch to cotton totes to carry your groceries home, to take it to work, or for any other daily activities.

  • We have organic cotton totes that are fairtrade and free of harmful toxins and substances to help promote sustainability.
  • If you prefer a carrier that offers free-standing freedom, go for sustainable backpacks. Ethical canvas backpacks are durable, sustainable, and stylish.
  • Terra Thread has both regular and mini canvas backpacks so that size does not barricade your path to embracing sustainable living.

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  • Use Water Consciously

Use Water Consciously

The importance of water conservation is perhaps the oldest advice. While water is considered a renewable resource owing to the natural hydrological cycle, given the current rate of climate change, it is starting to look non-renewable. Water scarcity is already stealing about 1 million lives in a year. Further, around 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water, and 2.7 billion face water crises yearly. Water conservation can help mitigate the effects of water scarcity. Collect rainwater and use it for domestic uses as much as possible. Home water supply necessitates transporting the water to your home which consumes energy. Do your laundry as a whole and not every other day. Do the dishes, bathe, and wash your car (and other home chores) consciously. Here are five more ways you can save water at your home 

  • Take Part in Community Clean-Ups

Take Part in Community Clean-Ups

Spring cleaning is a 'thing', which means you're going to find many organizations doing amazing community clean-ups. Do your research and volunteer to help improve the community neighborhood. Planting trees, cleaning the oceans, picking up garbage— there are plenty of ways to lend a hand. 

  • Finally— Immerse Yourself in Nature

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Sustainability, eco-friendly, environmentally sound, these are about having genuine love and respect for nature. And what better time to reconnect with nature than when everything seems bright, lovely, and hopeful. Of course, gardening or working the yard is a terrific way to be one with nature. But why not branch out and mix it up a bit? Go for a jog, a bike ride, or perhaps something more adventurous like camping or even taking your first hiking trip of the season. And, guess what? We have just the right eco-friendly backpacks and sustainable overnight duffel bags for that. 

When you make the changes to live a more environmentally friendly life, it has a domino effect. You will be reducing plastic, emissions, and ecological footprint, meanwhile impacting the lives of the people around you. It can motivate them to take the same steps, and the chain continues. Your actions have consequences— choose to be an inspiration. 

Happy Spring! 

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