About Terra Thread

The Terra Thread Earth Motivated Collection is a line of premium bags made using family grown Organic Cotton and fair labor practices. Every aspect of Terra Thread was created with the earth and its people in the forefront.

Fairtrade Cotton

Terra Thread products are made from Fairtrade America Certified Organic Cotton. Fairtrade Organic cotton ensures that farmers have access to safe working environments, gender equality, are paid a living wage and a Fairtrade Premium, among other benefits.

Fair Trade Factory

Terra Thread products are made in a Fair Trade USA Certified Factory. Fair Trade Factory Certification ensures that our factory workers have access to a safe, democratic working environment, gender equality, are paid a living wage, and a Fair Trade premium, among other benefits.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon emissions creating during Terra Thread shipping processes from our factory in India to our fulfillment warehouse in California are offset using the UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping program.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Terra Thread products are made using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We use organic cotton because of its immense environmental and health benefits compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton is free of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides and is also free from GMOs.

Organic cotton is:

  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • A great sustainable textile choice
  • Fully recyclable and/or biodegradable 

Give Back

Each purchase of a Terra Thread product gives back to Feeding America. Through Feeding America, we are able to donate meals to underprivileged children, families and seniors in the United States. See more of Feeding America’s work on their website here. 

High Quality Products

Terra Thread aims to be of the highest quality possible. All Terra Thread products are handmade at our Fair Trade Certified factory, using Fairtrade GOTS Certified Organic cotton. Terra Thread is proud to retail the most sustainable and stylish Fair Trade Organic Cotton products. Your purchase of Terra Thread contributes to the health of the environment, farmers, workers, and you, the consumer.

Go on, be "Earth motivated" and choose a bag you are proud to carry.