Consumers' Demand for Sustainability Is Skyrocketing

Consumers' Demand for Sustainability Is Skyrocketing

According to recent research, customer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable business conducts remained strong despite the pandemic upheavals and volatile market trends.

The Rise of Sustainable Priority  

Incisiv and Wynshop through Grocery Doppio published January 2023: State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard report shows that consumers' commitment to sustainability and transparency is steadily increasing. According to the report, 76% of supermarkets consider sustainability to be a C-level priority, and 43% plan to designate a senior executive to head up their green initiatives in 2023.

Grocery Performance

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Gaurav Pant, the chief insights officer of both Incisiv and Grocery Doppio, expressed the enhanced emphasis on energy and power savings, undertakings to avoid pollution, and investor pressure is leading the rapidly changing scenario. With 73% of consumers agreeing to more transparent communication of sustainability characteristics on product packaging and displays, Pant noted that brands and retailers must incentivize it and push towards executing tangible results.

Why Is Sustainability Critical in The Present Day 

Anthropogenic transactions that cause climate change hampers the natural balance of our planet. The impacts include but are not limited to rising sea levels, extreme weather events, heat waves and droughts, toxic air and water quality, and death. These detrimental repercussions are just a few examples of the negative impacts on our society and the environment climate change has. Pushing sustainability can help lessen humanity's carbon footprint and the volume of contaminants we emit into the environment. We can turn the tide on climate change, which will lead to a cleaner, healthier, and safer world.


Addressing climate change has always been important. And now, even more with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. A commitment to driving up investments in climate change projects can help recover pandemic damages, eliminate future pandemic risks, boost financial and ecological resilience, and also ensure the prosperity of human lives. We can maximize the safety of our future by combating climate change today.

The planet had time to recover and heal when we drastically reduced our activities during the pandemic. We saw the resurfacing of cleaner oceans and water bodies, and an increase in biodiversity. It is an indication that humans are the main players harming the environment. More eyes are shifting toward the truth every day, and the cry for sustainability recovery is getting louder. 

We can raise our quality of life while protecting resources for future generations by living holistically and sustainably. Doing modest things in any way we can to change the world, and by working together, we can make our tomorrow richer.

Business transparency, compostable packaging, and sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are urgent needs today. Consumers are pressuring businesses to create environmentally friendly products, ban single-use plastic, and more. Behavior among conscious consumers has been growing into a torrent of actions to protect the environment.

At Terra Thread, we have been mindful of our impacts. We are actively working to make our entire collection from Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton. Regenerative organic aims to enhance the environment rather than merely maintain it. It transacts a self-sustaining ecosystem that helps the environment. By using agricultural practices that regenerate soil organic matter, regenerative organic agriculture aims to restore damaged soils and promote healthy ecosystems.

mustard yellow fanny pack

Fanny pack made with organic cotton

We are also taking responsibility for how we package and ship our products. When you purchase our Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton hoodies from us, you will receive them in compostable and/or recyclable packaging with no bubble wrap, styrofoam, plastic or any unnecessary packaging.

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