5 Companies that offer Regenerative Organic Certified® products

Companies that offer Regenerative Organic Certified products

As the threat to our planet grows, businesses, organizations, and everyday consumers are being urged to go much further in mitigating the harm done to our natural world by working in a collective effort towards the healing and regeneration of Earth.

Over the years, many companies have started prioritizing regenerative organic farming to tackle climate change, mitigate deforestation, and enhance farmer livelihoods.

By doing this, companies are not only empowering small-scale farmers to adopt and scale regenerative agriculture practices, but they are also establishing a resilient and reliable supply chain with transparency and traceability.

In today's blog, we will be looking at five companies (among many) that are supporting regenerative organic agriculture from seed to shelf.

Climate change is currently the most challenging issue crippling our planet. One of the main causes of this crisis is the fashion industry. While clothes & accessories are part of human existence, there is no denying that textile production has a detrimental impact on the environment. This is where Terra Thread and our parent company, Gallant International, are trying to make a difference.  

While our parent company, Gallant International Inc., is assisting businesses to connect with audiences by sharing their green goals and values through white label products. We at Terra Thread hope to contribute to sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism through our canvas backpacks and other products that are GOTS and Fair Trade Certified

Terra Thread & Gallant is also hoping to change the way organic cotton is farmed across the globe through our newest Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) accreditation. In February 2022, we helped over 3500 acres of land successfully transition to Regenerative Organic Certified®, making it one of the largest ROC™ projects in cotton globally. And in Jan 2023, we launched our Regenerative Organic Certified® clothing collection. The collection includes:

organic cotton hoodies

Sol Simple

Image: Sol Simple

Winner of the NEXTY Award for Best New Transparently Sourced Product (2016), Sol Simple offers traceable regenerative organic certified solar dried fruit snacks that benefit the consumers, farmers, and everyone involved in the process. Nicaraguan-based B Corp, Sol Simple is the first in the world to acquire the stringent and crucial Regenerative Organic Certified® for fruits. Beyond offering fruits that nourish health, the company is committed to a transparent supply chain and bonding with farmers. Sol Simple has helped thousands of farmers shift from organic to regenerative farming with hands-on education and technical assistance.  

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Nicaragua Cooperativa Sacaclí

Image: Groundwork

Groundwork's mission is to source and share exceptional, organic coffee that inspires people to work hard, dream big, and impact the world. And they recently launched their first Regenerative Organic Certified Coffee. All of Groundwork's coffee comes from smallholder farms or half acres lots - they focus on sourcing from family-owned farms. 

Prefer tea? Try Regenerative Organic Certified® tea from CatSpring Yaupon

Dr bronners

Image: Dr. Bronner’s

The most popular natural soap manufacturer in North America with international recognition, Dr. Bronner's is a longtime pioneer in environmental & social stewardship and one of the founders of the ROA (Regenerative Organic Alliance). The company's goal in implementing the ROC is its dedication to social justice, environmental sustainability, and progressive business practices. They released their first regenerative organic certified Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil and White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil in 2020.  

Lotus Foods

Image: Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods is a 2019 NEXTY Gold Award winner and Certified B Corporation. The company's sustainability initiatives are motivated by the goal of providing rice that heals. Lotus Food prioritizes regenerative agriculture to transform the way rice is cultivated around the world. They support small-scale farmers with innovative farming techniques to enhance soil health and biodiversity. Lotus Food's rice is the first in the world to be Regenerative Organic Certified®, and they include Organic Brown Basmati Rice and Organic White Basmati Rice

About ROA

Regenerative Organic Certified

The Regenerative Organic Alliance was established in 2018 to fix a failing system, mitigate harm to the environment, and enable farmers and consumers to build a more sustainable future through greener farming. It oversees the Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) certification, which embodies the highest standard for agriculture worldwide. Companies and farms first to carry the ROC label include Patagonia ProvisionsDr. BronnersNature's Path, and Apricot Lane Farms, among others.  

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