Eco-Friendly Work Tote - What's In It? Where Can I Get One?

Eco-Friendly Work Tote

This stylish, versatile work tote from Terra Thread will help you get back to office space!  

The long months of bedroom workstations dressed in cozy loungewear are drawing to a close. Now it's becoming more about digging through the workwear to prepare for back-to-office. Yes, outfits are necessary for the transition. But equally important is an effortlessly chic work tote bag to keep all of the work essentials organized. 

Given that the world has paused for almost two years, one can only guess the old work bag is likely a little banged up. If in need of a new bag, consider our canvas tote bag with pockets that is perfect for long commutes and hauling office supplies. A bold bag implies that you mean business, and also provides boundless enthusiasm to get back into the rhythm of professional life. 

Aside from work skills and intellectual abilities, accessorizing for excellence is a crucial context for professional growth and recognition. But, of course, whatever you wear or carry should be as functional as it is stylish to experience a daily pleasant and secure toing and froing from work to home with a lightweight tote with structurally sound straps. So, how do you know you are investing in the best work bag? 

black canvas tote bag with pockets

What's in a work tote? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a Work Bag 

  • Durability

A work bag is a daily essential, so choosing a long-lasting material like organic cotton canvas can tremendously benefit. Enjoyable to carry while refining your overall appearance. So, make sure to keep an eye out for the details like the material, texture, and pattern. 

  • Functionality 

Some bags prioritize functionality, and some, style. Fortunately, thanks to the innovative new-age creations, we can have both. For effective performance, you might want to stay away from bags that have too many hardware accessories. They add aesthetics, but also additional load, and the bag already weighs the laptop, chargers, and other work essentials. Then, there's the strap– go for sturdy straps. A strong shoulder strap evenly spreads the weight, allowing a comfortable carry while facilitating a hands-free movement. 

  • Spacious 

The importance of space is undeniable when it comes to work bags. Consider the number of items you will be carrying in this bag daily. Special side pockets for pens, keys, notebooks, water bottles, etc. Multiple compartments can make organizing better, preventing the headache of losing smaller miscellaneous items in the bottom of the bag. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Exercising green efforts in the workspaces can be intimidating initially. One does not have definitive command over the place as compared to personal homes. But that shouldn't hold us back from doing our part to help the environment. Americans work 1,801 hours per year or 37.5 hours a week on average. It is only socially responsible to uphold our ethical sustainability in a place where we spend so much of our time. Simple green initiatives like carrying sustainable tote bags with compartments can help reduce your carbon footprint.  

Where can I get an Eco-friendly Work Tote? 

Consider Terra Thread's Executive Tote Work Bag

A delicate attribution of Terra Thread's ethical bag collections, the brilliance is in the features of this large work tote. Nuanced enough for everyday wear and special enough to make you pumped up to use it. It's made of organic cotton and features multiple pocket accents, lead-free zippers, and robust straps.


  • This sturdy tote bag is made of 14 oz organic cotton canvas and has a spacious interior that can accommodate everything from work essentials to post-work activities.
  • A pleasingly expansive inside pocket fits up to a 16-inch laptop, and it does so with exceptional quality. 
  • Inside water bottle pocket so you can store your bottle without any hurdle.
  • Pockets on each side of the bag:
    • Front: Front pocket accessorized with YKK lead-free antique finish metal zippers lending the gravitas of aesthetics. Perfect for chargers, tablets, and other items that you need to keep secure
    • Back: Two open pockets for easy access

tote with water bottle pocket

Terra Thread's eco-friendly office bag expresses endearing poise and functionality for all types of events and situations. Thanks to its stylish, minimalist frame with generous holding capacity. Take a look at our latest Executive Work Tote Bag and other organic cotton tote bags

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