5 Everyday Gym Essentials

Everyday Sustainable Gym Essentials

There are certain things in life that we can apply the “throw in whatever” approach— but not for the gym. It is best to avoid winging it when it comes to packing your gym essentials. Taking with you exactly what you need can enrich the workout experience, while also not having to carry the weight throughout the commute. We’re sure all of us at some point must have considered bringing the ‘unnecessaries' to the gym. But in all honesty, when it comes to gym gear, it’s all about making it as simple and convenient as possible. 

Getting the perfect gym essentials ready allows you to do your workout with confidence— having everything you need before and after your session in hand. Now, doesn’t that sound nice? 

Here are five workout essentials you want to make sure you bring with you to the gym.

Going to the gym requires a solid bag to carry and keep the necessities organized. In fact, any sport we take on needs a bag to carry our inventories. This is why you want to start with a premium gym bag offered in eco-friendly and long-lasting materials. Terra Thread’s Aarde Eco-friendly Gym Bag is extremely adaptable, durable, and high-quality. Built for travel, yet ideal for any occasion— gym, a weekend getaway, short trip/ vacations, and more.  It is large enough to accommodate all of the essentials (and more) that we’ve listed below. 

Green Gym Bag with pockets

Our vegan gym bag's features:

    • The bag comes with an inside pocket that can be used for storing personal belongings. It also has an exterior pocket for further storage capacity.
    • The bag has adjustable double-sided zippers to fit various handle sizes.
    • Aside from two handle grips, it also features a messenger strap which adds to the travel convenience.
    • Made of soft but robust organic cotton, our versatile gym duffel can be easily folded or tucked away.
    • Each purchase supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.
  • Water Bottle

Hydration is critical during workouts— a bottle of water comes in handy at all times. Yes, most gyms also have water fountains within the premises, you can drink from there to refresh and recharge. But given that there is no certainty about the absence of contaminants, it is best to get your own water bottle. We propose using a reusable water bottle because— they are beneficial for the planet and also keep your water cooler for longer periods.

  • Organic-Cotton Towels

Hygiene should always be the center of things in any public place, and the same applies to gym facilities. Bringing a sweat towel with you every time you come for a workout provides a higher level of hygiene. Plus, this also allows you to rid your sweat off the equipment, making the next user feel more at ease to use the machine.

Terra Thread Home’s GOTS certified 6-piece organic towel set adds an element of softness, quality, and sophistication to your fitness regime. The larger sizes are long enough to wrap the body if you wish to jump into a quick after-workout shower. The smaller variants are perfectly sized to hang over the head, swiftly absorbing sweat. These towels are dyed with low-impact, GOTS-approved dyes and chemicals. They are carbon neutral and free of heavy metals— it is safe for both your health and the environment.

Bringing personal towels allows a hygienic, fresh, and absorbent workout experience. And the best part is, they are not even complicated to carry— simply toss them in your gym bag before you hit the road! 

  • Hand Sanitizers

Coronavirus has thrown a crimp in all of our plans. Ever since the breakout, it has all been about telecommuting, self-quarantining, or avoiding/minimizing traveling. However, with fitness fanatics and gym enthusiasts— exercise is a must, which entails going to the gym. So, the best way to go about it is by taking safety precautions. 

Hand in Hand Sanitizer
Image by Hand in Hand

These 100% vegan sanitizers from Hand-in-Hand are the perfect precautionary tool for protecting yourself (given that once we enter the gym we make physical contact with…. pretty much every piece of equipment). As you get ready to hit the gym, you want to have these incredible sanitizers that are cruelty and palm oil-free. From mini bottles to combo sets, these sanitizers will help you keep your hands sanitized and protected. 

  • Healthy Snacks

Food and exercise are inextricably linked. The food you consume can impact the way you feel before or post-workout sessions. Healthy, organic, protein-filled snacks are great for recovering the body after a strenuous workout. Bring with you whole-grain crackers, protein bars, low-fat granola bars, or even organic fruits to help keep your blood sugar in balance and re-energize your system. We never know when we’ll get hungry— keeping a few energy snacks in your gym bag is always a good idea. 

  • The Extras: 
    • Gym Outfits: Wearing the right pair of trainers isn’t enough—- you want suitable gym clothes as well. Making a clothing list you’ll need for the workout session is an excellent approach to ready your fitness apparel. Girlfriend Collective has a range of recycled PET tights, bras, leggings, shorts, and tank tops in solid color ensembles. The brand has by far the most extensive range of sizes— ranging from XXS to 6XL! 
    • Headphones: Every gym session requires a good pair of headphones. Energizing music and high-quality headphones can impact the effectiveness of a terrific workout. So, whether it is your EarPods or the larger urbane variants, don’t forget to pack your favorite pair before you leave the house.
    • Shower Essentials: If you intend to take a quick shower after your workout, bring along a makeup toiletry bag filled with shower supplies. You want to have the shower essentials that will leave you feeling fresh and clean after the sweaty body work. 
    • Wipes: Cleansing wipes are super handy for gym sessions. They are not only useful in removing perspiration but also perform as an emergency odor eliminator (just in case). 
    • Deodorant: Speaking of odor, bringing deodorant with you to the gym is self-evident— nobody likes foul smells airing off the body. Whether it is organic or clinically formulated, carry a deodorant with you to the gym at all times.

What are your everyday essentials for the gym? 

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