Corporate Gifts That Keep on Giving

Corporate gifts that keep on giving

Employees are the pillars of every firm, and corporate gifts illustrate appreciation and encouragement. Eco-friendly items are excellent options for gifting your employees. It is the perfect act of love to inspire them to go green. 

Not to dampen your gifting spirit, but according to the Science Advances report, the United States produced the most plastic pollution on the planet in 2016. It amounted up to 42.0 Megatonnes, earning the country the top spot in the polluters' lot. The numbers do not lie - making an effort to reduce carbon emissions by finding the right eco-friendly gift can go a long way to give back to your hardworking employees and nature. 

We have compiled below Terra Thread’s zero-waste gift options to consider. But first, let us talk about why sustainable gifts are important and how exerting a conscious decision to select sustainable products distinguishes your business.

Sustainable Gifts: Reflecting the Ethical Values of a Company

Fortifying Company Values

When it comes to gifting, choosing sustainable options represents the values of your company. It highlights the conscientious efforts taken to promote sustainability. Sustainable gifts demonstrate that the company values are not just on paper, but that you are willing to walk the walk. 

Elevating Company Reputation 

Gifting sustainable items are aligning the companying goals with the interests of the environment. It shows that your company is aware of the global challenges, and ready to contribute in the most possible ways.  

Employee Encouragement 

Corporate gifts go a long way toward increasing work happiness and productivity. It boosts the self-esteem and confidence of the employees, driving them to perform better. Sustainable corporate gifting also builds and strengthens employee values. 

Loyalty and Trust 

Endorsing sustainable brands for corporate gifts is a small but meaningful move that exhibits your company's active commitment to corporate social responsibility. Clients and employees that understand the importance of being environmentally conscious are more likely to trust and stay loyal to your company.

A sustainable corporate gift is the first step toward integrating social and environmental concerns into your company. Consider the following gift ideas if you would love to give sustainable gifts to your employee or customers this year.

Sustainable Backpacks for Everyday Use

These heavy-duty cotton backpacks are made of 100% organic cotton, allowing your employees the perfect medium to carry their office essentials to work every day. It has ample space, one large outer pocket, one smaller inner pocket, and a laptop compartment. Terra Thread’s best backpacks for work come in 14 beautiful colors with lead-free metal accessories.  

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Bumi Eco Duffle Bag

Terra Thread duffles are a multi-purpose bag designed to be your go-to gym or travel companion. These duffles, which come in six colors, are made with the quality that is ideal for rigorous lifestyle.  The material is significantly less likely to absorb damage because it is made of durable, high-quality 100% 14 oz organic cotton canvas. Best travel duffle bags with the quality your employees deserve; perfect for on-the-go, and easy to carry! 

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Aarde Eco-friendly Gym Bag

Built for top performance, Terra Thread gym bags are well-equipped with plenty of room for workout essentials. The double-sided pulls and bottom panels are made to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that the personal items are safe. The multiple compartments typical of the top-rated gym bags are perfect for storing all sorts of miscellaneous belongings. With 6 vibrant color variations to choose from, the style of your employees will not be constrained.

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Makeup and Toiletry Bags 

Terra Thread’s minimalistic zipper cosmetic bags are the ideal size for storing daily essentials. The Honua Pouches, Sustainable Toiletry Bag, and Lok Zipper Pouch make it easy to find products even when in a hurry. You'll have everything you need in one spot if you want to do your makeup or access any personal items on the run. Terra Thread cosmetic bags collection is a fantastic no-frills alternative for people who loves a classic essential bag. Available in various neutral and vibrant colors, it is the perfect eco-friendly gift for your employees!  

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Laptop Sleeves

Terra Thread’s organic cotton laptop sleeves add a splash of color to your day. The gorgeous color varieties will brighten up your employees' work while also providing effective laptop protection. Ideal for 13- 15 inch laptops and even documents, these laptop sleeves come with two compartments. The outer compartment lets you slide your tablet in without having to worry about space and the large inner pocket has an extra organic cotton lining for protection. Your employees can carry laptops ethically and stylishly, as with all Terra Thread’s bags, it is made with 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and has a classic design. 

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Organic Cotton Tote Bags 

The lovely organic tote bags collection from Terra Thread brings summery joy to mind! It flatters both daily office wear and casual outfits. The long handle pulls allow you to carry it on the shoulder with ease. The minimalistic elegance of Terra Thread’s cotton canvas tote bags makes them sleek and gender neutral. Crafted from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton, this stylish, ethical production of a bag is perfect for corporate gifting.


You already know your employees are invaluable to the success of your business. If you want to thank them beyond sustainable bags, take a look at: 

Terra Thread Bags: The Perfect Gift for Customers And Employees

Terra Thread bags are innovative, sustainable corporate gifting options, offering a wide choice of environmentally friendly gifts. These bags are ethical, personalized gifts that allow employees and clients of all ages a creative and high-quality gifting experience. Terra Thread’s bag collection is GOTS certified, carbon neutral, and is created with certified Fairtrade organic cotton in a recognized Fair Trade factory. Every organic cotton bag from Terra Thread concerts with the brand’s philosophy- ensuring the most sustainable, ethical and compassionate bags for people and companies who want to make a difference in the world. 

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