4 Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials

Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials

Before we know it, summer break will come to an end, and the school bell will start ringing. So, now couldn't be more perfect to go shopping for sustainable school supplies. The shelves are stocked, and you can be sure you'll acquire what you need with little to no hassle. A great opportunity to wrap up assignments and prepare school supplies in advance. A booming online market exists for eco-friendly items that are plastic-free, sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly. And there are tons of amazing options available to cross everything off your school supply list. 

While every year, the popular back-to-school items go through different trends, the essential times remain.

You'll be prepared for an outstanding year if you remember to include these five items! 

Backpacks for students are certainly the first eco-friendly school supply for students of all ages. Elementary, high school, university (or even office) goers need this holy grail to conveniently transport items like books, pens, and other belongings. And it is important to get a durable backpack that can last for a long time— for the sake of both the wallet and the planet. Terra Thread's sustainable backpacks are made for students who are always on the go. It features a sizable central area with a laptop compartment, an outer pocket, and two side pockets for storing water bottles or snacks.

canvas backpacks for school

This unique and beautiful design created from rain-fed organic cotton is a great option for school and everyday use. It's the ideal, trendy backpack, thanks to its lightweight design, sturdy adjustable straps, and several storage rooms. The backpack is also carbon neutral, contributing to building cleaner vistas and surroundings. Youngsters and adults alike will enjoy this distinctive backpack that has a multitude of functionality and style to offer! 

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Caring for your digital equipment with kindness is vital for the well-being of the planet. The average CO2 emissions during the production of a new laptop are estimated at 331 kilograms. While the carbon footprint per laptop usage varies from brand to brand, the average usage of 8 hours per day is estimated to be between 32 kgCO2eq and 91 kgCO2eq. In a perfect world, we would be free of digital devices for the prosperity of the planet. But in an age when paperless notes for a greener planet are among the top sustainability agendas, fully eliminating the use of laptops is not possible. The next best thing to make up for the emission from our electronic devices (even for owning one) is to take care of them and use it for a long time. One of the best ways to protect your laptop is by using a laptop sleeve, and choosing laptop sleeves made with natural material like organic cotton is a green way to go. Vibrant laptop sleeves from Terra Thread exude, "I'm tech-savvy but eco-conscious at the same time." Plus, sliding laptops in large bags are a bother for most people.

laptop sleeve with pocket

Using a laptop sleeve allows for a perfect fit and also offers protection from the extra padding. One would also worry less knowing the laptop is well-secured even when placed inside a larger backpack. With Terra Thread's eco-friendly laptop sleeves, you get all the traditional benefits plus an additional bonus in the form of a front zippered pocket to hold smaller items such as chargers, keys, and phones. Sizes are available for 13 and 15 inch-Macbooks and Windows. There is also a design that comes with handles, in case a laptop is the only essential you plan to carry around! 

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Having a sturdy sports bag that is simple to load, stow, and carry is one of the easiest ways for students to stay organized and excel in sports. Terra Thread's Aarde Eco-friendly Gym Bag is a sustainable school supply that is perfect for school extracurriculars. Young adults will love this bag because of its spacious main center, double pull straps, and extra pockets. And of course, the vibrant color options.

gym bag for school

The gym bag features a size that is ideal for accommodating physical activity gears. It includes an interior hanging pocket for safe storage of valuables or packed lunch and an additional outer pocket. 

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To have small personal belongings crammed or lost in the corners of a bag is not a pleasant experience. Especially in an environment where taking quick class notes is a recurrent scenario. Using pencil bags can help prevent the hassle of searching through the bottom of a bag to find that tiny pen. 

canvas pencil pouch for school

Spacious pencil cases from Terra Thread are fantastic and useful for keeping the pens, pencils, keys, and paint brushes organized. By putting this chic pencil case to work, you'll never have to deal with losing the small but important essentials again. 

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Terra Thread's environmentally friendly back-to-school supplies can help students of all ages go Green. The inviting options and designs will make them smile throughout the academic year. Since we ship all of our products without any plastic or unnecessary packaging, students will also be contributing to reducing the massive amount of disposable packaging garbage that ends up in trash cans every year. Using sustainable school supplies will limit waste generation while protecting students from harmful chemicals. 

Terra Thread's Fairtrade and GOTS Certified conscious school supplies will make the user feel great knowing they are helping reshape the world. And not tagged as another average American producing roughly about 4.40 pounds of daily waste and 2,072 pounds annually. Eco-friendly school supplies can teach students that their choices can make a positive impact on the world and preserve the planet for present and future generations! 

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