How Sustainable Swags Can Help Your Brand

How Sustainable Swags Can Help Your Brand

The main issue with marketing swags today is that they are thrown out far too quickly. Consumer goods no longer hold up as well as they once did. Clothes, for example, are worn just seven times on average. The present quality of goods on the market is not meeting the bar, leaving consumers wanting a better option that can last significantly longer. 

Corporate swag poses an even bigger issue when quantity is prioritized over value and quality. Swag simply refers to the promotional items that companies employ to market their brands. These customized promotional gifts are distributed to the staff, customers and potential customers to boost brand awareness & engagement, and to spur sales and enter new markets.

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The types of marketing swags are ample with tote bags, t-shirts, and cosmetic pouches as some of the most sought-after. Swags are distributed during events, staff welcoming, meetings, campaigns, and more. The main motive of swag marketing is to let a company logo or message stay in the streets as long as possible for maximum exposure.

Marketing swag converts recipients into brand advocates with the right products, but with cheap and low-quality products, it only falls short of this objective, eventually (and quickly) having swag items ending up in the trash. So, the best solution is to invest in sustainable swags that are of high quality, made with care, and are longer-lasting.

Why sustainable swags? 

There are numerous grounds on why sustainable consumption is imperative. The obvious reason is the rapid deterioration of our planet– rising temperatures, floods, droughts, heat waves, etc. The way businesses deal with their carbon footprint has to change to stop these life-threatening disasters. An overnight transformation may be impossible, but we can start by cutting back on things that choke the landfills and instead opt for sustainable marketing swags that can serve the recipient well for years. Sustainability is gaining momentum, and we believe this is for the best. The promotional products industry in particular must push for eco-friendly goods.

At Terra Thread, we are taking a stand as a brand. We are investing in quality products that are sustainably made. Terra Thread products are:

Additionally, with each purchase we support Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need. You can view our products HERE, while at it, check our our newly launched organic cotton clothing that are Regenerative Organic Certified.
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Here are some amazing ways sustainable swags can boost your brand.  

  • Sustainable swags demonstrate value 

A commitment to eco-friendly marketing speaks highly of your brand. You demonstrate moral character by reducing your carbon footprint. Consumers will notice and acknowledge your consideration for value, social message, and responsibility. You can conduct promotions and events without guilt knowing your swag activities are not endangering the ecosystem or putting the environment and people at risk.

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  • Sustainable swags benefit all parties 

Sustainable swags are good for the people and the planet. They do not endanger the health of the public and the ecosystem. Eco-friendly promotional items make a difference by motivating others to take action based on your example. As a business organization, succeeding financially is pivotal in a cutthroat market, but this doesn't negate conscience and awareness. Regardless of who is going green and who isn't, if you make a change someone else will emulate you, increasing the contribution towards the green movement. Who knows it might even inspire another company to invest in sustainable swag.

  • Sustainable swags will help you stand out

In the world of cheap swags, when you invest in products that are thoughtfully made you are bound to stand out. Accomplishments make us feel remarkable, and going green is an achievement that gives your brand a sense of gratification.

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  • Sustainable swags increase tenacity 

Acquiring random promos is easy given you can pretty much get them from any dealer. The challenge is getting the best eco-friendly swags that contribute to the brand’s durability. Sustainable marketing swags are long-lasting, and that is precisely what you want your end-users to receive. Non-green swags only take up space resulting in a short service life and are soon forgotten and discarded. Eco-friendly marketing swag helps establish brand identity and lets customers know that your brand cares enough to take sustainable measures. It automatically contributes to establishing a devoted customer base that not only buys your products but also spreads the word about your company to people in their lives. The chances of success increase with the number of touchpoints you build to imprint your brand in the minds of the consumers. Sustainable marketing swags as opposed to conventional swags are capable of maintaining such intimate levels of interest because they foster relationships.  

  • Sustainable swags make positive impacts on the community 

Consumers want businesses to give back. Study shows 94% of consumers agree that brands should have a strong purpose. But only 37% feel that they are receiving enough of the global concerns that corporations should be involved in. It’s easy for a business to become buried in a highly competitive arena. Including a few other crucial goals to the key objectives of the organization such as kindness, humanity, and compassion contributes to the local community while adding to your brand’s credibility and sustainability.

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Get the most out of your business goals in 2023 by utilizing sustainable swags. At Terra Thread, we are proud to offer products that are made with people and planet in mind. If you or a company you represent is looking for company swag ideas reach out to us!

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