Pencil Bags That Can Be Used for More Than Pencils

Pencil Case

Pencil bags are incredibly handy for keeping smaller stationary items organized, accessible, and in one location. But what else could you do with these classic back-to-school essentials? They can be used as convenient storage for various products. You can do way more with pencil bags (especially if you have collected them over the years) than just leaving them stuffed with pens and pencils.

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The suggestions below will give new meaning and purpose to your pencil bags.

  • Travel Jewelry Bag  

Use your pencil bags if you don't have portable jewelry cases when traveling or for home storage. They can help in keeping your valuables organized and safe. 

  • Makeup  

This next tip is tried and true, but worth a mention... pencil cases are great for carrying on-the-go makeup items. You will have access to your most important cosmetic basics such as lipsticks, mascara, eye pencils, lip balm, compact powder, etc., with you at all times.

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  • Sewing Kit 

Sewing supplies like buttons, yarn, and needles have the tendency to be scattered all over rooms, and never seem to stay in a place where you’re sure to find them. Organizing sewing items works more smoothly when we store them in a dedicated container. Pencil bags are of great help for storages of all kinds of sewing supplies. Use your pencil bag to keep items like thread, needles, pin cushions, and scissors consolidated in one place.

  • Wires & Chargers 

Keep your chargers, headphones, and other wires in control by tucking them inside a pencil bag. The necessary items that accompany our digital gadgets such as phone chargers, extra wall chargers, spare phone batteries, etc, are better off neatly placed in a bag.

  • Loose Change  

Don’t have coin purses or piggy banks? No problem. Your old pencil case can do the job of safely storing loose change. They not only keep your coins organized making it easy to use them, but also make for a fashionable rendition of a coin purse.

  • Organize Mystery Drawers 

Almost every household has a junk drawer filled with miscellaneous items that never seem to sit organized. But having a drawer full of random objects like screws, pliers, and other items clattering around in a jumbled mess is not helpful to anyone. You can use your pencil case to harmoniously arrange all the random stuff that inevitably amasses in the traditional mystery drawer. While tidying and sorting the space, you might also find specific things that you thought you lost or misplaced over the years.

  • Medicine Container 

Use a pencil case to keep your medicines and pill bottles in one place. Pencil bags come in different sizes, if you have larger sizes, you can also store antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and other first-aid supplies to turn them into first-aid kits.

  • Emergency Feminine Supply  

For ladies, it’s always a good idea to have a bag filled with personal items to help with personal emergencies- feminine products such as tampons, pads, or even other handy items like hair ties and bobby pins. You can keep these goods organized and accessible in a spare pencil bag. 

  • Gift Bags 

If you’re gifting small items such as cosmetics or mini skincare samples, pack them in a pencil bag to give to your loved ones. This idea serves a dual purpose— repurposing and contributing to sustainability.

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  • The Miscellaneous  

You can fit most small, strewn about items that can fall to the bottom of a handbag in a pencil bag- ID cards, credit cards, keys, hand sanitizers, etc. 

Final Thoughts  

The functionality of pencil bags is functional and versatile, and it can be fun to come up with new ways to use them.

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