15 Sustainability Magazines To Read

Sustainability Magazines To Read

Deep insights, diverse viewpoints, and diligent analysis on all things sustainability. 

Magazines aren't always the first thought that springs to mind when it comes to finding inspirational and interesting creative materials. Luckily, modernity has aided the growth of online and digital editions of publications. So, even if you can’t get the traditional variant, online magazines offer a variety of unique, exciting, and fresh perspectives on the world— ranging from art, clothing, to sustainability and climate change.

The Importance Of Sustainable Magazines

There are numerous print and online magazines and journals dedicated to advocating for the environment. Green sustainable publications aim to raise public awareness about the importance of protecting ecosystems and biodiversity by exercising a low-impact lifestyle. Low-impact living involves ensuring an ecological equilibrium to prevent depletion of the environmental resources. The goal of sustainability is to get the highest returns for the human and environment— to save both the present and the future.

Sustainable lifestyle magazines give an insight into the green world; instructional, informative, or inspirational sources for all the different ways to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives.

The 15 magazines listed here are some of the selections for keeping your thoughts engaged on sustainability awareness.

Let us get to it!

MDPI is a global, cross-disciplinary, scientific journal that offers free access to all readers. It is dedicated to the ecological, social, socioeconomic, and social sustainability of humankind, and serves as a premier venue for research on ecological sustainability.

Nature Sustainability is an online-only monthly publication that publishes outstanding findings on sustainability from the social science disciplines, along with engineering and policy.

Envirotec magazine provides integrated issues and information issues covered in instructive pieces, profiles, and interviews, leaving its audience educated and updated about UK environmental technology and services.

Sustainability X® Magazine is committed to breaking down the complexities of sustainability with a multidisciplinary and integrative approach. It aims to interconnect the economy and the environment for a greener future through sustainability education and discussions.

Be Kind magazine is dedicated to offering intelligent and engaging ideas for people to help save the environment. It has a wealth of eco-friendly ideas, clean diet tips, and environmental facts that will undoubtedly inspire the readers to embrace a long-term sustainable lifestyle that positively contributes to the planet.

Springer Nature journal publishes research reports, reviews, and scientific opinions/comments pertaining to ecosystem subsistence and restoration in the context of biotechnology, biochemistry, scientific opinions/comments, and agriculture sciences. It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary publication dedicated to keeping and supporting the sustainability of our world using biological and environmentally friendly techniques.

Treehugger is a sustainability website that offers guidance, insight, and motivation to both dedicated and newbie eco-conscious consumers.

Mission fashion magazine is dedicated to charity rather than generating funds. Their biannual edition is devoted to charities or nonprofits organizations that are committed to a cause. The magazine also devotes a significant amount of space to the environmental agenda. This distinguishes Mission as a new voice in the industry, setting a strong position by combining fashion with environmental causes & charitable giving.

Emergence Magazine is an innovative online publication dedicated to telling stories that explain the human-nature relationship. A Webby Award-winning magazine and two-time National Magazine Award finalist, the platform beautifully explores the connections that links nature, culture, and spirituality in an era of massive environmental catastrophe propelled by finite and faltering narratives of modernity and power struggle.

Parvati Magazine is a hearty serving of wellness-oriented information that demonstrates a concern for both humans and the environment. The magazine exemplifies the great things that can be achieved with simple changes.

Sustainability Times is the one-stop source for headline news, debate, and research on all things related to the environment. It features the current developments, discussion, and assessment on COP21, sustainability, environmental conservation, and climate change.

Sustainability Magazine unites the most sustainable brands and projects around the world with everything latest about sustainability industry transitions towards technological innovations.

Pebble is amongst the foremost sustainability magazines in the UK. It covers everything sustainable— from sustainable fashion to zero-waste living. The magazine is an invitation to everyone who aspires to live a trendy, environmentally friendly life. Pebble uses the hashtag #pebblesmakeripples to encourage individuals that baby steps can eventually make a big difference. Pebble is a supporter of small, independent businesses and collaborates exclusively with companies that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

The Good Trade is a leading online platform spreading the love and mindfulness of sustainability. They cover topics including sustainable fashion, organic cosmetics, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle (and everything in between). The Good Trade also sends daily and weekly newsletters on sustainable practices and green businesses.


Luxiders covers conscious luxury with a core emphasis on high-end fashion and design. But they also offer sustainable solutions for all-around conscious living. You can either read the editorials online for free or get the paid version to enrich your thoughts with articles and incredible photographs.

Want more options? Check out Imagine5, it is an impact nonprofit telling stories at the intersection of culture and climate.

Final thoughts

Sustainability transformation is a global journey— it is self-evident that green living entails a genuine willingness to care for the planet by choosing to utilize earth-friendly practices. And as long as humanity recognizes the need to protect resources and educate citizens and organizations about greener methods of production, we can achieve the green transformation that we’re eagerly attempting to succeed.

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