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Environment Podcasts to Listen To

If you want to explore sustainability further but aren't entirely sure, a podcast can be a fantastic option. With so much information packed into each episode, you can discover new things and retain the important details effectively when they're given to you.

Podcasts on sustainability topics entertain, inform, and educate. It helps incorporate minimalist methods of sustainability into our daily life. You can listen to individuals from all over the world, expressing your enthusiasm for environmental protection, as well as learn about programs and projects in which you can participate. It's a great way to get involved in various online sustainable networks, meet minded peers, and be encouraged to continue on your own green journey.

Are you prepared to transform your life into one that counts?

We've compiled a selection of our top sustainability podcasts for you to enjoy and be inspired. These nine podcasts cover everything from fashion to home organizing to show you how you can practice sustainability in your everyday life to embrace a positive future.

Hosted by Jay Siegel and Scott Breen, Sustainability Defined propels the notion of becoming more sustainable forward through collective awareness. The show welcomes subject experts who delve deeply into different threads of sustainable practices and their uncompromisable importance in our lives, with a little bit of comedic relief. Each episode uses an educative perspective to analyze an aspect of the vast realm of sustainability— an exceptional explanatory podcast for bridging any apertures of sustainability information/ knowledge. You can listen to the new release of the Sustainability Defined episode every month on Spotify or head to their main website to browse the archives.

Green Dreamer illuminates the itinerary to health and healing, environmental restoration, and spiritual prosperity and wellbeing. With guest experts giving their experience applicable to a wide multitude of industries, the program addresses human behaviors that doom what is most pertinent or relevant— the precious resources of the planet. Kaméa Chayne, a proponent of sustainability and regenerative health, hosts the podcast and multimedia journal, Green Dreamer. Along with spoken-word awareness on pathways to cohesive recovery and ecological regeneration, the Green Dreamer website also has a journal section on topics that empower intersectional environmentalism. You can listen to the most recent Green Dreamer series or explore the archives on their main page, YouTube, and Spotify.

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast hosted by Stephanie Seferian, stay-at-home/podcast-from-home mom and author, evaluates purposeful living alternatives for organizing living areas, thoughts, and existence. The informative 30-minutes (roughly) episodes are perfect for individuals with tight schedules. Educating and motivating people to live in sustainable, minimalistic surroundings, The Sustainable Minimalists promotes mindful consumerism and sustainable living. You can subscribe to the podcast by visiting the main website or listen to it on Spotify.

SustainaBABBLE is a comedic podcast on thoroughgoing sustainability topics. Intimidating gloomy circumstances with laughter and humor, this educative yet hilarious show appeals to many. The hosts "Ol and Dave,” wittily take on environmental headlines to discuss the climate change crisis and expose negative tendencies of greenwashing or in the words of SustainaBABBLE exposing the real eco villains vs the hapless incompetentsThe podcast lives true to its motto— trying to be cheery in the face of impending ecological disaster. Stay informed and educated while having a good laugh with SustainaBABBLESpotify, Google Podcasts, Acast, iTunes.

Conscious Chatter encircles the awareness of “what, where, and who" on apparel and garments, diving into the backstories of the clothes we wear. Kestrel, a fervent supporter of sustainability, hosts the podcast, interacting with different guests in every session— covering socioeconomic and ecological difficulties in the fashion industry, and tying them to larger issues. Conscious Chatter is one interesting podcast with diverse topics worth listening to. Find the latest episodes and archives on their main website, Spotify, Stitcher, and PodBean.

Eco Chic engages with the audience with the different ways to neutralize the extravagant aspects of life into a more sustainable one. Laura E Diez unfolds the umbrella of consumerism, addressing the ethics and origins of cosmetics, fashion, food, and their impacts on the environment. Eco Chic’s profound take on luxury, consumerism, and social and environmental responsibility lends new perspectives on life. Eco Chic releases one episode weekly, and you can listen to it directly from the main website or through Spotify.

Sustainable Fashion by Gaia & Dubos is a mouthpiece for ethical fashion— elevating the passion for fashion to the highest standard with sustainable reformations. Hosted by Leonie, designer, and founder of the sustainable fashion brand Gaia & Dubos, the podcast sheds light on slaying fashion the ethical way by adding a dash of empathic consciousness for the greater good. You can tune in to Sustainable Fashion by Gaia & Dubos on Spotify, Chartable, and iheart.

Green Brown Girl is a podcast and media series advocating environmental issues and the green solutions to tackle them. Created and hosted by Jew-Pina American climate activist, Kristy Drutman, the show interviews a diverse range of leaders and activists who are reshaping the significance of being an “environmentalist”.

Green Brown Girl draws underrepresented populations into the climatic change discourse and discusses how social relationships echo our collaborative entity in combating the threats of climate change. You can listen to Green Brown Girl episodes from their main website or from Spotify.

Recloseted Radio is for artists and designers passionate about fashion. The podcast discusses the different strategies and fresh thinking for establishing sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion brands. Recloseted Radio dives into the depths of fashion sustainability, empowering the listeners with actionable steps that can bring about real change in the fashion world. Listen to Recloseted Radio on the main website itself or through Spotify.

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