The Importance of Sustainable Backpacks For Back To School

Sustainable Book Bags for School

Sustainable backpacks are minimalistic, practical, eco-friendly, and stylish! They are made of materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, vegetable-tanned leather, and more.

Here are some pointers on how to pick the finest, environmentally friendly backpacks for your daily needs.

Distinguishing Features Of Sustainable Backpacks:

There are many backpacks available, but only a few are environmentally friendly. And what are the standards that label a backpack sustainable and equitable? A backpack is considered sustainable if it possesses the following characteristics:

  • Fair Trade Certified and ethical labor practices.
  • Utilization of organically grown materials to manufacture the product.
  • Efficient use of water, energy, and CO2 emissions, and resource conservation.

How To Choose The Right Eco-friendly Backpack?

Before you purchase a backpack, consider asking yourself questions that pertain to your reason for buying the bag as distinct backpacks cater to different necessities.

  • Why am I buying this bag? What is the purpose?
  • Is it for daily school or university classes?
  • Is it an attractive business design element?
  • Is it a travel companion for gym, vacation, camping, or trekking? 

Once you conclude your reason for buying the bag you should be able to find the right sustainable bag that meets your requirements.

Sustainable materials have the potential to reinvent the industry, but that requires effort, dedication and educating the mass about environmental awareness.

A strategic transition as a whole, one where we move away from the synthesized materials to organic materials is how we can bring about the transformation. We must consider the long-term viability of the products— manufacturing items that last while also allowing them to progress. Education on sustainability is a crucial factor for achieving the eco-friendly revolution. Government must foster education, so consumers are aware of the implications of their actions. Businesses have the responsibility to enlighten the consumers by adapting the terminology and putting the principles into practice. The effort of one brand or an individual is a good start but that alone cannot cure the problems. A reformation in thinking, investment, and mass education are how we can transform mindless consumerism into purposeful consumption with long-term sustainability.

Practicing Environmentally Friendly Business

While the raw materials used by a company may account for the majority of its carbon footprint, there are numerous steps they can take to neutralize their environmental impacts--- recycling wastewater, implementing sustainable packaging solutions, going plastic-free, renewable energy for manufacturing, etc. Companies can also adopt giving back policies by making donations to deserving charities or causes, which elevates the brand reputation and efforts to better the world outside of their company activities. While sustainable brands take different strategies, employ distinct styles, and cater to different goals, what anchors them is valuing the importance of sustainable fashion in the future.

Back-To-School Sustainable Backpacks: Terra Thread

Dodge the back-to-school hustle and get incredibly organized ahead of time with 100% organic cotton backpacks.

If you are looking for a stylish, eco-friendly backpack for work or college for yourself or your children, selection of sustainable bags from Terra Thread can make your buying experience smoother.

Ethical Backpacks

Terra Thread respects traditions and the interdependence of the world. Our high-quality chemical and pesticide-free backpacks are a result of 100% organic fairtrade cotton. Being a frontline supporter of sustainability, we facilitate various steps and measures to reduce our environmental footprint— from empowering small-scale farmers to adhering the standards of Fair Trade organizations and GOTS. We are striving towards a circular economy to reduce waste production.

Terra Thread backpacks comes in two sizes – regular and mini. They also come in various colors and are perfect for everyday use and traveling purposes.

We are proud to offer backpacks manufactured in a responsible and sustainable way. 

Features of Terra Thread Backpack:

  • Made with 100% Organic and Fairtrade Cotton
  • Processed and Manufactured per Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)
  • Color dyed using low impact GOTS Certified Dyes
  • Manufactured at a Fair Trade Certified Factory
  • Hang Tags are made using recycled kraft paper
  • Lead free zippers and buckles
  • Carbon-Neutral
  • Gives Back 


Sustainable brands ensure that their goods are created to last in the least environmentally destructive way possible by employing sustainable materials and practical designs. This means you get more out of the product when you choose sustainable bags. As a bonus, sustainable backpacks are also ideal for any occasion, whether it’s school, university, office, hiking, touring, or traveling to new places. 

Your back-to-school shopping for an ethical and sustainable backpack, and perhaps coupled with an eco-friendly laptop sleeve, can be a contribution to sustainability and environmental development.

Make it count!


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