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Take a look at Terra Thread Laptop Sleeve with Handles

There are several reasons to buy a laptop sleeve- perhaps you want to take your laptop across the world, or maybe you want a minimal-looking sleeve, or perhaps you simply want to protect your expensive laptop sleeve.

The best laptop cases should be able to protect your treasured belongings from harm during transit, allowing you to dash through the subway or metro without the worry of accidental journey dings. They should also not give you an uptight primitive look like the hard-shell briefcases or the overplayed messenger bags vibe for that matter. The key is having the right amount of practicality, functionality, and of course, aesthetics. Thankfully, we have a special pick that serves as both stylish and protective laptop cover for work and travel. A trendy, functional product that you'd be proud to shield your laptop with.

laptop bag with handles and pockets

At Terra Thread, we offer different eco-friendly laptop sleeves made of organic cotton:

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Taking a closer look at our Hasta Laptop Sleeve with Handle:

Hasta Laptop Sleeve has a clean silhouette that lends a classic look that goes with everything. The organic cotton material is super easy to clean, and it has just the right balance of functionality. The handles are a sure winner, and the outer zippered pocket seamlessly assimilates accessories like charging cords, mobile phones, etc., while still maintaining a concealed structure.

best laptop bag with handles

The Hasta Laptop Sleeve is padded with organic cotton fiber to provide protection to your laptop.

Features of the Hasta Laptop Sleeve:


    • 14.5" W x 11" H x 1.5" D
    • Outside pocket with zipper closure: 14.5" W x 7" H (Opening: 13")
    • Outside pocket without closure: 14.5" W x 9.5" H x (Opening: 10")
    • 3.5" drop handle


Terra Thread's laptop sleeves provide everything you need in a specialized laptop bag. Whether you want to take your gadget to the office, lecture, presentation, or any other professional space, the sturdy handles designed for movement will effortlessly get you there! The Hasta Laptop Sleeve is the sensible choice for daily commuters without appearing too strict or too casual. Make a strong first impression anywhere with a laptop sleeve that expresses your style, class, and versatility!

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