Terra Thread Hoodies- Where Comfort and Ethics Meet

Terra Thread Organic Hoodies- Where Comfort and Ethics Meet

Hoodies lend an all-time aesthetic. It enhances your style and undoubtedly draws attention when paired with the right type of clothing items and accessories. Beyond visual elevation, hoodies are super comfortable to wear. Depending on the fabric hoodies are made of, they can offer a blanket-like feel, giving the wearer a strong sensation of comfort.

Terra Thread's organic hoodies are manufactured in Fair Trade Certified™ factories in India using Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton. Our organic cotton hoodies are also GOTS certified, signifying not only the absence of harmful pesticides in the farms but also helping uplift the lives of small-scale farmers by supporting them with the transition to regenerative organic farming.

organic cotton hoodies

Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) is the highest standard for organic agriculture in the world and the only certification with stringent requirements for its three pillars: 

  • animal welfare, 
  • soil health and land management, and 
  • social fairness

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Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton

Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton Pullover Hoodie

Our ROC™ cotton pullover hoodie is the perfect wardrobe staple to add to your everyday essentials. Its cozy feel will help stave off the chillier elements.

Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton Zip-Up Hoodie

If you prefer zipped hoodies over classic pullover hoodies, then our ROC™ cotton zip-up hoodie is exactly what you're looking for. The YKK metal zippers allow a smooth zip on and off, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.


In our timeless organic cotton hoodies, go for a run, cuddle, shop, and more. The ROC™ cotton hoodies are wardrobe essentials for any conscientious shopper because they're designed with people and the environment in mind. We practice the highest production standards, use natural fibers, and strive to be a role model in the sustainable fashion industry.

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Terra Thread's values include giving back by supporting Feeding America's journey and donating meals with the purchase of Terra Thread products, empowering employees, and being environmentally sustainable.

Like to browse more than hoodies? We also have other organic cotton products including Sustainable Backpacks, Executive Work Tote Bags, Laptop Sleeves and more!

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Terra Thread backpacks, bags, and accessories are created for conscious consumers, corporations, and NGOs who are looking to make a positive impact on the world with their purchases. Terra Thread puts people and the planet first, every step of the way from organic farms to your arms.