Terra Thread is One of the Most Sustainable Backpacks in the Market


How does Terra Thread build sustainability into backpacks? Continue reading to find out what makes Terra Thread backpacks one of the most sustainable in the market.

  1. Limits greenhouse gas emissions and is carbon neutral

All Terra Thread backpacks are made from organic cotton. Organic cotton limits the output of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide levels are significantly higher than ever in human history, and this trend continues upward every year. Organic cotton production emits much less carbon into the atmosphere than the production of conventional cotton and synthetic fibers, such a polyester, and nylon. Conventional cotton produces twice the amount of atmospheric carbon as organic cotton, while polyester and nylon emit up to nine times as much. In terms of human contribution to climate change, these are massive differences. Carbon dioxide traps heat on earth, thereby causing temperatures to rise. After a certain point, this will trigger irreversible damage to the environment. This is why Terra Thread products are made using 100% organic cotton. Terra Thread is committed to having an as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

In addition, Terra Thread backpacks are carbon neutral. To achieve this, Terra Thread supports sustainability projects that offset carbon emissions. These projects include creating renewable energy and reforesting degraded lands for carbon sequestration. Through these commitments, Terra Thread strives to support sustainable development. All of these projects also help create green jobs that work to reduce carbon emissions and build a better future.

  1. Focuses on protecting and empowering workers through ethical production

Aside from environmental protection, Terra Thread also aligns itself with the other pillars of sustainability: social development and economic development. With these in mind, Terra Thread backpacks are made using Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton in a Fair Trade Certified Factory. Produced in accordance with organic agricultural standards and free of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic cotton production ensures that farmers and their families are protected from potentially harmful artificial inputs. Even better, Terra Thread’s Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton follows Fairtrade Standards that work to ensure workers have safe working environments and gender equality. Moreover, farmers and workers producing Terra Thread backpacks are provided the Fairtrade Minimum Price guarantee so that they are always paid a reasonable price for their goods and services. In addition, the Fairtrade Premium is paid on top of the selling price for their goods to promote economic development. The Fairtrade Premium also helps fund health and sanitation projects, childcare, transportation, healthcare, and more. Terra Thread prioritizes social responsibility and works to ensure communities have workplace protections and economic resources to thrive.

  1. Reduces burden on drinking water supplies

Terra Thread uses organic cotton because its production is water conscious. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), over one billion people lack access to water, and nearly three billion people find water scarce for at least one month in the year. WWF also projects that by 2025, two-thirds of the population will face drinking water shortages. Because of this, Terra Thread backpacks are made from organic cotton, which consumes less water than conventional cotton and synthetic fibers. Conventional cotton production uses nearly 90% more water than organic cotton, while synthetic fiber production uses even more for the cooling process. Organic cotton is also mostly rain-fed. This is the key to limiting the burden on local water sources and ensuring that communities near industries are not disproportionately suffering from depleted drinking water supplies.

  1. Restores and sustains ecosystem health

By using organic cotton, Terra Thread supports the enhancement, restoration, and sustained health of ecosystems. Through holistic farming practices, organic cotton is produced in harmony with the natural ecosystem. Organic cotton is farmed using regenerative agriculture, such as through crop rotation and composting, which utilizes natural processes instead of relying on artificial inputs. This maintains the integrity of the soil and keeps the ecosystem healthy over a longer period of time. There is no soil erosion, and pest outbreaks are kept in check by natural processes. Organic agriculture also ensures that toxic chemicals and GMOs do not compromise the ecosystem’s natural balance. This helps indigenous species continue to thrive, which helps the surrounding environment thrive.

  1. Reduces dependency on landfills and does not contribute to toxic runoff

Terra Thread’s backpacks are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified, meaning the supply chain follows strict social and environmental guidelines. GOTS ensures that all Terra Thread products are free of toxic chemicals throughout the spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, and manufacturing processes. This has profound implications for when these items come to the end of their life. Ideally, Terra Thread backpacks will be composted, allowing them to biodegrade relatively quickly-- usually in about six months. If these backpacks end up in a landfill, this process will take longer, but they will still biodegrade relatively quickly in comparison to synthetics, which takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. Either way, organic cotton reduces the increasing burden on landfills. Additionally, because Terra Thread backpacks are GOTS Certified and free of toxic chemicals, they will not damage the ecosystem or produce toxic runoff when they return to the earth. This reduces the risk of drinking water contamination by toxic chemicals.

Terra Thread makes one of the most sustainable backpacks on the market for a variety of reasons. The overarching reason is that Terra Thread produces backpacks using organic cotton, which supports sustainability by protecting the environment. Organic cotton not only limits carbon emissions but also reduces water consumption and restores ecosystem health. On top of this, Terra Thread's backpacks are carbon neutral. In accordance with the social and economic pillars of sustainability, Terra Thread backpacks are GOTS Certified and made with Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton. This is how Terra Thread protects farmers, workers, and communities at large from toxic chemicals and exploitative working conditions, all while providing economic stability. For Terra Thread, there is simply no substitute for ethical business practices. Terra Thread’s backpacks are sustainable because they put both the environment and its people first!


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