The Best Corporate Gift Ideas that are Sustainable & Ethical

The Best Corporate Gift Ideas

Your employees and clients deserve the best. After all, without them your company or business would be nothing! People spend the majority of their time at work, which makes it even more relevant and important to show them that they are valued and appreciated. The same applies for your clients, especially those who have shown you consistent support and long-term loyalty. Corporate gifts often appear to be impersonal or bought on a particularly tight budget. Think of all the branded plastic pens you have received from companies and how quickly they would stop working. Corporate gifts like these are usually disposable and are more likely to end up on landfills than show your clients and employees you care. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With Terra Thread’s line of premium organic and Fairtrade bags, you can treat your workforce and clients to a corporate gift which has a positive impact on people and the planet.

We want to know and believe that the work we do and businesses we support, serve a purpose, and hopefully create some good in the world. Receiving a high quality, durable and ecologically sound gift from a company, supports the notion that you are contributing to something positive. With the global and increasing pressure on businesses and companies to make transitions to become more inclusive, responsible and environmentally friendly, we want to provide you with the best sustainable and ethical corporate gift ideas from our collection.

Terra Thread bags are made with certified Fairtrade organic cotton, in a certified Fair Trade factory, they are GOTS certified and carbon neutral. Additionally, we support Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs to help provide nutritious food to children, families, and seniors in the US. Wear your Terra Thread bag with pride, knowing that it is created with people and the planet at the forefront.

Terra Thread’s cosmetic bag collection includes beautifully and practically designed zipper cosmetic bags like the Sustainable Toiletry Bag and the Lok Makeup Pouch. Made with certified Fairtrade organic cotton, they are sturdy, durable and made to last. You can use your cosmetic bags for travel or at home to store your favorite products and items. We call it a sustainable cosmetic bag, but you can use yours for so much more. From stationary to personal items, you can use your zipper pouch any way you wish. This is the perfect little, eco-friendly corporate gift for your team and clients to show them how much they are appreciated.

Give your employees and clients something to keep their laptops safe and protected, with Terra Thread’s organic and Fair Trade laptop sleeves. They are available in three sizes:

Our laptop bags feature a front pocket with zippers, spacious enough to fit chargers, keys, notebooks and similar items. It also have an internal layer of organic cotton, for extra padding and softness to provide you with the safest most eco-friendly laptop sleeves possible. With many people now working in home-office, it has become more important to be able to transport and store your personal and work laptop safely. People appreciate practical gifts, and this one can be used in the workplace every day.

Elegant, versatile and above all sustainable, Terra Thread’s vegan tote bags are the perfect eco-essential and corporate gift idea. Your employees and clients will love the simplicity of their structured, fashionable tote bags and appreciate this gift which is useful in-and-out of the office. Made with 14.5 oz organic cotton canvas, it is durable and features an internal compartment for laptops, tablets or documents as well as an external front pocket with a zipper to keep your items safe. Available in a wide range of beautiful colors, this is the best tote bag for work and everyday use. Our favorite is large tote bags for work

Give your employees and clients a gift they can use every day, like Terra Thread’s eco-friendly backpacks. Choose from the sustainable canvas backpack collection. Made with certified Fairtrade organic cotton, your backpack is as sustainable as it is durable. Both the small backpacks and regular size feature an internal hanging pocket as well as a front pocket with zippers. The Earth Backpack also features a laptop compartment and two side pockets for water bottles and beverages, making it the best backpack for work. Terra Thread’s backpacks are a great sustainable corporate gift which can be used by your employees and clients every day and will last them a very long time.

Promote a healthy lifestyle as well as social and environmental responsibility with Terra Thread’s eco-friendly gym bags. Perfect for the gym, daily outings, outdoor activities, traveling and more! You can take yours on a short business trip or use it to hit the gym before or after work. These trendy gym bags are sustainably and ethically made with heavy-duty 14 oz organic cotton canvas, they are durable and spacious, featuring a front pocket and inside hanging pocket to keep personal items safe. Your clients and team will love this thoughtful gift and know that they are valued by your business or company.

If you want to treat your team and clients to something a little bit bigger, Terra Thread’s sustainable organic cotton duffle bags are the right way to go. The best duffle bags for travel, a getaway, gym and more, it features an inside pocket to secure your valuables and an outside pocket for easy storage. This gift would be especially suitable for individuals who travel often and need a spacious, durable duffle bag to fit all their belongings. 

gym duffle bag

Not only will a corporate gift of Terra Thread bags show your employees and clients that they are appreciated, but it also speaks to the character and values of your company or business. Choosing to provide your employees with a sustainable and ethical product makes a statement, one which says, “Hey, we care about people and the planet."

If you are in need of a team uniform give our organic cotton hoodies and t-shirts a try!

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Terra Thread backpacks, bags, and accessories are created for conscious consumers, corporations, and NGOs who are looking to make a positive impact on the world with their purchases. Terra Thread puts people and the planet first, every step of the way from organic farms to your arms.