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White tshirt for spring

One would think there is nothing easier to purchase than a classic white tee, yet it can be tricky to navigate the white tee maze to find the perfect white t-shirt for your personal style and comfort.

Everyone loves a crew neck white t-shirt - even celebrities! It's one of those apparel pieces everyone usually owns and arguably the most versatile. White t-shirts are functional, enjoyable to wear, and look great on everyone. They are among the most widely worn clothing items in the world because of their elegance and expressive simplicity. Despite their widespread use, they are quite often the answer to clothing dilemmas, never failing to exude an air of coolness.

There are, of course, a few pointers to keep in mind before grabbing just about any white tee. And "material" is where you want to start!

  • Choosing the Right T-Shirt Material

There's not one specific material that works best for white T-shirts. It comes in a range of fabrics. However, it is best to go for natural fibers- your brand-new white T-shirt will last you for years depending on the material. 

Easily, the most well-liked one is a cotton t-shirt.

The soft, breathable cotton material, which feels wonderfully soft on the skin, is loved by almost everyone. For everyday clothing, cotton works well, but since there are varieties of cotton, it's vital to pick the best option such as organic cotton.

white t shirt men

Organic Cotton:  

  • Certified Organic Cotton has many environmental and social benefits. The organic cotton farming practices help improve soil quality which results in less water and energy usage, emitting fewer greenhouse gases. 
  • Organic cotton is soft, cozy, and beneficial to the skin as well. Products made of organic cotton last longer because of the material's sturdiness and resilience.  
  • Farmers and factory employees all around the world struggle to make ends meet due to the severe working conditions of conventional farms and factories. Certified organic cotton with GOTS and Fair Trade accreditations (among others) imply the workers who make your materials are paid a fair wage with safe working conditions.  
  • Skin sensitivities relate directly to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton production. Organic cotton fibers are chemical free making them softer, safer, and suitable for even the most delicate skin.

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  • Classic White T-Shirts By Terra Thread    

If you're looking for the perfect white tee, consider Terra Thread's Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) cotton t-shirt that you can live in and wear religiously. Here are a handful of the t-shirt's highlights!

white tshirt women

Quality and Durability: Why Our White Tee is Worth the Investment

  • Terra Thread's organic cotton t-shirts have a soft touch and are made from 180 GSM fabric with high-quality stitching for durability.
  • The prewashed and preshrunk tees are GOTS certified and made of ROC™ cotton and manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory, reflecting our commitment to fair labor and environmental protection.
  • Classic details like the crewneck style and relaxed fit give it an exceptionally refined touch. Plus, its all-gender design makes it perfect for everyone.
  • This aesthetic styling rocks well with all kinds of bottom wear— cargo trousers, skirts, denim, shorts, and more!  

Terra Thread's white t-shirt best fits the definition of exquisiteness. If you'd like to go with bolder hues, we also have other colors you may like— take a look!

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