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Duffles make most travels, barring the super long ones, easy breezy. The challenge is finding the most ideal one in a highly competitive bag market. Even a quick google search for a duffle yields a bewildering array of goods from well-known luggage manufacturers to versatile fashion brands and retailers.

Fortunately, we love the game and are happy to present the ultimate duffle that offers the best synthesis of reliable construction, practical functions, and a sleek aesthetic. A bag one would gladly take with them on all of their excursions. With a top-performing duffle, your friend or loved one will have traveling made simpler by avoiding bulky luggage.

Bumi Eco Duffle Bag

The Bumi eco duffle triumphs by striking up the ideal blend of eco-friendly material and spacious storage with lightweight handling. Built of tough and durable organic cotton canvas, Bumi houses three storage compartments:

  • a large main compartment of up to 56 L capacity
  • an internal zippered hanging pocket, and 
  • an external drop-in pocket for carrying smaller items in an organized setting.  

The duffle is constructed to be sturdy, with the entire bag designed for a stronghold experience, including the lead-free zippers and fasteners. What also stands out is the simplicity of repositioning the carrying straps. For higher strength with heavier weights, you can double up on the two hand straps, and use the adjustable shoulder strap for a lighter load.

black canvas duffle bag

While the duffle on its own is as good as it gets, it also performs effortlessly as an add-on. Structured at 13 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, Bumi allows comfortable hauling rested on a larger suitcase— you can slide down the hand straps on the trolley handle and place the weight on its top. Now, who won't enjoy receiving the likes of a Bumi duffle as a gift? We are already excited for your friend!

Other Travel Accessories We Love  

Here are some additional mentions of travel essentials we can't leave home without!  

Travelers will appreciate our Everyday Earth Backpack in every way. It features:

    • Two main compartment zippers with long pulls - inside and out
    • Internal sleeve fits 13" – 15" inch laptop 
    • Internal hanging pocket 
    • Large zippered external pocket 
    • Two external water bottle pockets
    • Lead-free YKK metal zippers and fasteners

If your friend prefers a tote bag, check out our Tote Travel Bag with sleeve for your suitcase handle.

If you're packing for an adventure where you'll be doing daily excursions, the Cadera fanny pack is a lifesaver. It's a necessity to ensure all your precious belongings are safe and placed close to you. If you're flying, most airlines don't count fanny packs as a luggage item, so that's an added advantage.

fanny pack for women

We have no mixed feelings about this toiletry bag. It is the finest tool for organizing and keeping smaller essentials set firmly while on the go. You won't ever again have to empty your luggage to find your toiletries or other tiny important travel items. This toiletry bag ensures you and your essentials are reunited whenever you need them!

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