5 Sustainable Gifts That Won't Break Nature's Heart This Valentine's Day

Sustainable Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about honoring love; regardless of how you commemorate the day, it elicits positive emotional responses. While this special day is a great opportunity to show how much you care, it's also a day that can have a significant environmental impact. 

Many traditional forms of showing love may not be compatible with your environmental principles. Valentine's Day is the second-largest occasion for card exchanges after Christmas. Every year, people exchange around 145 million greeting cards. The gesture is heartfelt, but the cards and presents that accompany it can add up to a lot of garbage. 

So why not achieve the same purpose in a sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly manner? Plus, research reveals that being eco-conscious is an attractive trait. According to a survey poll, 69% of the respondents agreed that being environmentally conscious is a desirable characteristic in a lover. That said, let's have a look at these five ethical and sustainable gift options to make classic love mementos more eco-friendly. Your green gifts this year just might make you seem more alluring to your gift recipient— you never know!  

Green Valentine's Day Gift Options

  • Backpacks For The Eco-warriors– And Lovers 

Make 2022 the year you ditch the gifts that arrive packaged in plastics. Instead, opt for organic, sustainable products free of unnecessary packaging. 

Our eco-conscious sustainable backpack is created sustainably, and they come in 14 dreamy colors perfect for all gender. These minimalist bags serve as an excellent daily use essential for carrying personal belongings. And the best part yet is they are shipped free of plastic and unnecessary packaging. 

Fair trade Backpacks

Terra Thread's Sustainable Fair trade Backpack comes in various colors

Terra Thread upholds high environmental standards. Our backpacks are made using certified fairtrade organic cotton canvas. They are:

And with every purchase, we support Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.

While you're at it, check out our mini canvas backpacks.

  • The Sweetest 14th February Yet 

Chocolate boxes are classic go to Valentine's day presents that are impossible to go wrong but possibly ordinary too. If you're looking for chocolate this valentines day, look for ethical options that source their items sustainably. 

Fran's Chocolates is amongst the finest players of the chocolate industry, always ahead of the race with sustainable principles and values. According to Frans, "... hand-selecting all of our ingredients and building lasting relationships with farms and growers, we believe in using only premium chocolate made from superior grade cocoa beans and other all-natural, non-GMO, and when possible, Organic, Fairtrade, and locally-sourced ingredients." 

Frans Chocolate

Image credit: Frans

Explore and gift the extraordinary for the person you cherish with ethical chocolate collections assorted in various range of delicious flavors from Fran's Chocolate.

  • The Tote 

Need to gift someone who does almost everything? From shopping to work to attending classes and everything else... why not get them an ethical tote they'd appreciate? Sustainable canvas tote bags from Terra Thread lends an incredible expression of both fashion and environmental stewardship. Electric ruby red, meek lavender, delicate coral pink, and so many more— surprise them with a tote color they'd love this valentines day. 

      • Pack Like A Pro For Your V-Day Getaway

Going green does not mean sacrificing flair— if you're going for a romantic getaway this year's Valentine's Day, pack like a pro with a stylish, eco-friendly duffel bags from Terra Thread. 

Terra Thread's sustainable weekend duffels are useful, multi-purpose bags that are super handy for short travels. These ingenious bags are large enough to hold an overnight worth of clothing. Terra Thread combines beauty, functionality, and sustainability to deliver the best possible travel companionship. You and your loved one can make a statement wherever your spontaneous or planned trip takes you with these eco-conscious fair-trade weekend duffles. If your valentine prefers tote bags, check out our travel tote bag.

  • Self care beauty products

Alaffia offers clean, self-care beauty products with a purpose. The brand has progressed into a dominant name in the beauty industry, and deservingly so. Alaffia offers clean beauty products using ancient African recipes and sustainably acquired ingredients. And what better occasion than the love-inspired Day to gift your beloved premium quality products that nurture the skin, body, and soul.


Image credit: Alaffia

  • Spreading Love For Organic Cause

Rodale Institute supports and leads the regenerative organic movement to provide healthy, organic nourishment around the world. The organization is dedicated to transforming agriculture through its various donation programs while simultaneously promoting regenerative agriculture growth and farmer communities. The organic industry can do so much with your help, making global food and farming processes more sustainable. Stand up for what matters and what inspires you this valentines day. 

Rodale Institute

Image credit: Rodale

Donate to Rodale: https://rodaleinstitute.org/get-involved/donate/

Trace around the sustainability template for Valentine's Day in 2022. If you're going to shop with love (for love), you might as well shop with love for the planet and everyone in it. 

Here's wishing you an unforgettable V-Day! 

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